Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Sewing Session

 Hi there, do you ever have those weeks where you feel as though you haven't accomplished much? I have had one of those weeks and I don't like it at all. Working full time for the week really threw a spanner into my sewing routine. Usually I get to sew for 2 hours each morning before work but because I was working all day there was no time.
 One important job I did make time to do was get my newest design off to the magazine for publication in a couple of months, so that was a big relief.
Today the weather was so bleak and miserable I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sew and get a few things finished, I love pumpkins and have a made a few pincushion ones but never took the time to finish them properly, so today I did that. Isn't it cute with the button on top. I also sewed the binding down on my newest mini quilt. This is about a 10 inch square.
 I made a tree for a block swap I am in, need to make the house to go beside it next. Got to love those Fig tree greens.
 I also sorted my smitten blocks as I'm almost to the end and I want to make sure my colours are even so I can get a few new ones ready for hand sewing in the evening.
I really like this star block.

Hopefully my routine and work days will return to normal next week and I can cross a few other projects off my list.

Enjoy your weekend.

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