Monday, July 28, 2008

Ornament swap

Now Tereasa has got her ornament I made her I can show you all, I enjoy cross stitch but quilting kind of took over so I don't do as much as I used to. I enjoyed making this snowman into a mini cushion,


Catherine said...

How cute, What a happy little snowman!! CAthyxx

Mari said...

Nice to see you doing some stithing again too. Looks like you've been busy.


Fiona said...

Hi Leanne, is your hair a bit shorter it looked really nice when I saw you at school on tuesday. I am finally on the mend thank goodness, thank you for all your well wishes,


May Britt said...

Have to reply you like this because you came up with no reply and your emailadres doesn't show in your blog either :)
Please email me agein with your emailadress. I would love to swap with you

Christine said...

Very cute. I used to do lots of cross-stitch too, but like you quilting and stitching have taken over. Still enjoy doing it occasionally.

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