Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More postcards from across the sea

These are the postcards I made and sent to America to the same ladies who sent mine. They are fun to make. The ones I Have received have actually come through the mail with a stamp on the back of the card which makes them a real treasure, I asked at the post office if I could send mine without an envelope but they said the cards would probably not get through customs so I send mine in an envelope.
I'm sure by now for all of you who read my blog you know how much I enjoy making and swapping fabric postcards, I wanted to show you some I received this week, they are all from America but different people. I just loved the beetle card, its so cute.


Bernadette said...

Wow your postcards look fantastic! Very aussie, well done.

a good yarn said...

Great postcards Leanne! Where on earth do you find that fabric? You/re right the lady bug one is a sweetie - they are all charming. I'm amazed you got one with a stamp on it.

Cheers, Ann :)

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