Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas morning

It was an early start in our house on christmas morning, the boys were up at 5.30am to see what santa left for them, all you could here was the ripping of paper. Jacob got a basketball, he has wanted one for ages.
Nicky is a lego fan so he got star wars lego, he has the ship half built already

Daniel got an MP3 player, lego and lots of other things,

All my boys got lots of things, I'm sure it will keep them amused for a few weeks,
Santa was good to me and gave me a camera and part of season 3 of Little House on the prairie, thats my favourite show, I love to sit and watch these episodes by myself and do my quilting.
Paul got his BBQ so he's happy,
I have lots more to show but I'll save that for later.
Happy Boxing day everyone.


a good yarn said...

I remember those days and I have to admit to enjoy waking at a more civilised hour these days. Still it's great to see their faces when they open their parcels. Your boys seem to have scored a beaut haul of goodies.

Glad that Santa was good to you too!

Ann :)

Fiona said...

We just managed to beat you out of bed 5:00am Issi woke up. Glad the boys where happy with there presents and you had a nice day.

Catherine said...

Gee Santa was good to you guys!! Looks like you hads lots of fun! Cathyx

Mari said...

Sleepy looking happy mens. Much fun for them...but getting up so early on a morning is silly. Here we get visit by Santa on 24th on evening, much better time ;)

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