Monday, May 4, 2009

More of Campania

This is what I worked on on Saturday, the theme for the day was cupcakes, I'm not sure what I'll make my square of stitching into, maybe a pot holder or something for the kitchen.
This is one of Helen Stubbings new designs, I love it and plan to buy the pattern when its released very soon.

This is another favourite of mine, I have started to make this quilt in very different colours from the original, as I progress I'll show you some photos.

This quilt is in Helen's new book, its stunning to see it close up. The colouring technique is so effective.


Jo in TAS said...

They're so much prettier in real life!
So did you make a start on the secret squirrel project???

Catherine said...

Gorgeous photos Leanne...Helen really does beautiful work!! Looking forward to a sneak peak of the secret squirrel project or have you been sworn to secrecy??

Fer said...

More quilts on the go? I'd love to see your UFO list!! :o)

clare's craftroom said...

Beautiful pieces !

a good yarn said...

What a sweet little stitchery! The quilts are delightful - no wonder you like them. I'm intrigued to learn what colour scheme you have chosen. I agree, seeing the quilts *in person* is so much better.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Anonymous said...

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