Monday, November 15, 2010

Lots of sewing

For me the weekends are a good time to get lots of sewing done, yesterday was no excpetion, I decided to trace the block for Leanne's house new block of the month which is in her new magazine called Vignette. It has some beautiful projects in it. I also finished a mini quilt that is a Laura's legacy design from The Quilted Crow, the browns and pink reproductions look so pretty together.

Then last night I did some more stitching on Down In the Garden, this quilt is beautiful and I love doing the stitchery.

I had to show off my first rose blooms for the summer, they are just so pretty. I hope you found some stitching time.


Lynda said...

Those two beautiful quilts are on my never-ending to do list. Your roses are so pretty.

Jo in TAS said...

Another person who doesn't sleep! Lovely stitching Leanne and beautiful blossoms!

Susan said...

Hi Leanne
Thank you for your lovely letter I have sent one back. I adore roses and may I say yours look fabulous as do the quilts. hugs Susan x

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