Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breast Cancer morning tea

Today at work, we had a special breast cancer morning tea. It was a lovely morning. The above stitchery was made by Lillian, its so pretty. The pattern is by Janet Rowe. We have kits at the shop.

Lillian had some special balloons we blew up with helium, that was a fun experience. Everytime we used the helium bottle we both jumped. It was really loud and so quick. You had to be there really.

These ladies are listening to Lillians welcome speech.

These ladies are busy making some projects we had on offer for the morning.

This quilt was made by Lillian, she is running a competition to guess how long it took her to make. If you guess right.... You win the quilt.If you're local pop in and have a guess, its running for a couple more weeks. Good Luck.


a good yarn said...

A worthy cause indeed. ann :-)

Susie said...

Is that the quilt-aid quilt in the background in one of the photos - I just love it if it is!! I've decided to do it. Great cause and another project - benefits all!

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