Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lucky Lizzie

 My boss at work is back from her holiday to London and Paris so my routine is back to normal again, I was very excited to receive these gifts from Lillian. She bought me back some Cath Kidston goodies. A beautiful carry bag and a cover for my ipod or phone. I love them, thankyou Lillian.
 I love the pattern in this case, wish it came in fabric to.
 Lillian also gave me this pretty lace motif, I forget where she said she got it from. I think France. Its so pretty and delicate.
 Also during the week my dear friend Kim gave me this beautiful christmas ornament, Kim works with me but she is leaving which is such a shame. Thankyou Kimmy. I will miss you.
 My penfriend Jan and I did a little fabric swap and this is what Jan sent me, some pretty fabrics and a hand towel.
 Also this cute cheater table runner fabric. I can't wait to make this up.
 My eldest son Daniel made me this fantastic cupboard in wood work at school, He did such a good job.
 I have it in my sewing room and when the weather gets warmer I'm going to paint it white. Its so special having things your children make for you,
Yesterday I made my first lemon meringue pie, it turned out great and tastes delicious.

Today I'm having a day in my sewing room, I have a few projects I'm working on but I can't share just yet as they are for christmas swaps. I am going to finish my newest tilda doll which I can't wait to share with you, she is gorgeous.

Have a great day.


shez said...

wow that cupboard that your son made is fantastic Leanne,he is a very clever boy.Love your gifts,just gorgeous,enjoy your sunday.xx

Darlene said...

Love the cupboard your son made - it's fabulous.

Wonderful gifts from good friends.

I know you'll enjoy getting back to your regular schedule.

supermomnocape said...

That is a lovely cupboard that your son made you. He's very talented.

You received some very pretty gifts. It's such a blessing to have such good friends.

Anthea said...

Leanne such a treasure to have in your room, your son is very talented to have made such a great piece. Of course he knows you will use it well and cherish it. Happy Sewing Sunday!

Roseanne said...

I love the cupbord you son made you now he will have to make you very nice sewing friend one that is Roseanne LOL. My son made me a clock and I still have it. I love all you other presents as well.

Quilt Kitty said...

Lovely gifts from Lillian. Cath Kidson does do very pretty fabrics. OMG Daniel made you a cupboard! What a treasure. The men in your family seem to be a talented & thougtful bunch. Glad to hear time is your own again & celebrating with a pie sounds just about perfect. Tracee xx

Lynda said...

What a fantastic cupboard. A new heirloom.

Cathy said...

Great gifts from Lillian! And a few projects....I've been to your sing room remember.... A few dozen you mean!!! But they are all beautiful!! Xxx

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Ooo very nice gifts and the cupboard is great :))

Cubby House Crafts said...

lovely gifts Leanne! And I really love your cupboard...what a clever young man you have!!! It's going to look perfect in your sewing room too!

Stephany said...

How nice, the cath kidston things. I bet you were very happy. Also with the cupboard, it's beautiful.
I can't wait to see the Tilda doll!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Wow, your son did such a good job. All your gifts are lovely too.

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