Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A blog hop kinda day

 The purpose of this blog hop is for each blogger to tell their readers about their life as a creative person.
So today I get to tell you my story.  I was tagged by the lovely Fee of Designs by Fee.

What are you working on right now?

Well its a secret magazine project so I can't give too much away but it involves pretty garden stitchery and summery fabrics.
 How long does it take you to create  a project?

Once I come up with a design I want to get it down on paper as soon as I can, Once I do the drawings then I choose my threads and fabrics, I always like my stitchery threads to match my fabrics. I can usually get a project finished in a couple of weeks, having to have a "real" job takes up alot of my day so I only grt to sew in the evenings during the week and sometimes in the morning. When I have a deadline my whole routine changes so I can fit in as much sewing time as possible.
 What are my favourite things to create with?

Well I would have to say threads, its amazing how much we can all create something beautiful with just a few stitches of a pretty colour thread. Stitchery is my favourite craft.
 How does my creative process work?

I love to draw inspiration from my garden so I'm always taking photos of my flowers. Sometimes I'll just have a whole lot of garden drawings then I'll take a bit  from each one and create a project.
 How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

With so many beautiful fabric ranges around these days how could you not be inspired to sew  with them, I'm always thinking what projects I want to make next. I have a long list. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. I waste lots of time browsing other boards and getting ideas. And visiting my friends blog is always inspring. I love seeing what other people are making.

My favourite time of day?

Thats easy, its after dinner when I have cleaned up the kitchen and its time to sit on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and stitching on my lap.

Now I get to nominate 3 lovely ladies to join in this blog hop. I nominate  Rose from Threadbare creations,   Val Spiers and Helen Stubbings. If they would like to play along.

Thankyou for reading my story, have a wonderful day.  xx


retdairyqueen said...

Lovely post

Christine M said...

It's lovely to find out some more about you Leanne.

Rose Johnston said...

Thanks so much Leanne. Great way to learn more about each other. I'll post something in the next few days :)

Susan Snooks said...

With a delightful garden like yours I can totally understand your desire to capture it in stitches!

sunny said...

It's been fun reading about how these creative minds work! I just did a project with the fabric in your first picture, and I love the fabric in the second. I'm finding myself doing more and more stitchery in my projects, too. Tilda says Hi.

Melanie said...

It great to read how others spend their crafting time. Lovely photos xxx

Melody said...

Great to learn more about you.

Ruth said...

I love your Christmas tags! I have a "thing" about Christmas tags and like to use old paper tags that I decorate with yo-yos and buttons. Yours are extra special!

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