Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

 I have had a bit of a funny week, started out great then on Wednesday I started getting a cold, by Thursday I was really unwell, High temperature and a barking cough that would scare the most ferocious dog. But like all great women I soldiered on with my day to day jobs.

Last weekend I made some fabric baskets, didn't they turn out well, I was so pleased with them. My favourite one is the  Home town text print.  They are all different sizes, I didn't have a pattern, I just used what fabric I had in the cupboard and whatever size it  was, that was the size of the basket.
 These 2 are now in my bathroom on a shelf full of goodies all bathrooms have, body wash and soaps.
 A couple  of weeks ago I started making  this quilt. Its a free block  pattern from the fat quarter shop  called Single girl wedding ring. It was such a fun block to put together, I made my blocks bigger, they are 18 inches square. I used mostly fabrics from my stash, I just had to buy a few darker prints.
 I enjoyed adding some of my liberty fabrics and of course some Bonnie & Camille mixed in with some fig tree. I love mixing fabrics and making a scrappy kind of quilt.

Pink liberty and Tilda fabric look so pretty together. I made 20 blocks and its a really nice size.
Can't wait to get this one quilted.

Its been a lovely but quiet Mothers Day here, Hubby has been at work all day, son 1 & 2  are at work so its been me and son no. 3.  We have had a nice day together.

I hope you have had a wonderful mothers day.

Thanks for stopping by.


sunny said...

I hope you're feeling better by now! I like your little baskets. They're always so handy.

Christine Barnsley said...

Glad you are feeling better Leanne! Love your baskets and your quilt is looking great! Will look forward to seeing it finished! :) x

Christine M said...

Your baskets look lovely, Leanne. So does your new quilt top. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Wendy said...

Hi Leanne, I hope you are feeling much better after your quiet Sunday. I have just enjoyed catching up on your blog. You have so many beautiful, inspiring projects :)

Susie said...

Happy mothers a day. I love you baskets and quilt. Hope you are feeling better.

Susan said...

I hope you're feeling better. Those baskets are so cute and useful. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing mothers day.

the girlfriend gap said...

Happy Mother's Day! I have been wondering if Mother's Day is a world wide thing. I am sorry the germs seem to always be a world wide thing too.

It has been a whirl wind kind of day here. The girls and their families were all here for lunch. I tried to keep is simple but sometimes simple is not possible when it comes to feeding everyone. We did pancakes so the men could cook but I still found myself in the midst helping to pull it all together. We celebrated with my favorite thing in the whole world... Rhubarb Pie for desert. I tried a new recipe for a coconut cream pie which would have been great if I had added the correct amount of butter .... I put in half a cup instead of half a stick. OOPS! We are calling it the Coconut cream pie Paula Deen style ! Any way now they are all gone and the rest of the day will be for relaxing :)

Your single wedding ring is looking wonderful :)
And as usual I am amazed at how productive you are. Very cute baskets... love the Sweetwater. : )

Hope you are back to feeling well soon.

Kim McIntyre said...

Beautiful baskets and quilt blocks. Great way to use up some of the stash.

Susan said...

Hi Leanne sorry to hear you are full of cold i have finally written you a letter hoping to pop it in the mail today X:)

a good yarn said...

Happy Mothers' Day. I'm sure your lovely boys spoiled you rotten. Hope you are feeling better soon and that's all the *cold* you get this year. Sweet, sweet baskets and I like your scrappy version of that FQS pattern.

Anthea said...

HI Leanne - I hope you're feeling better now - I do hate nasty coughs when I have one!

The quilt looks wonderful - love all the different fabrics - you have such a great eye for putting colours together!

Stephany said...

Love your fabric baskets Leanne! The yellow fabric with birds and flowers is very nice.
We have rather cold spring weather, lots of wind.


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