Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another week gone by

 I have had a quite a busy time this week, working full time and trying to fit in everything else I want to do has proved quite a challenge but I managed to do nearly everything I set out to,  Remember last time I shared my fabric baskets I was making, well since then I have made a few more. Check out my cupboard. 15 baskets in total. My cupboard has never looked so organised. I decided to really make an effort to make sure it stays that way. These baskets fit alot in them and I like how I can find my fabrics without having to dig everything out. I still want to make a few more.
 Of an evening I like to sit in the lounge and do a bit of hand sewing so I have been working on a new English paper piecing project , scrappy fabrics in my favourite autumn colours, these cute little blocks will become a table runner for my coffee table. Quick to stitch up very enjoyable.

 I love adding a bit of fussy cutting for that added interest.

 While I have been working hard at my job my husband has been working hard at home, We decided to renovate our kitchen, its been a very long and hard job but its almost there. We had all the walls replastered after we gutted it all and started with a clean slate.
 The oven arrived on Friday so it is yet to be connected up. The sink went in yesterday, I tell you its no fun washing up in the laundry sink night after night, then carrying all the dishes back to the kitchen to store in boxes. Tonight I can actually wash up in the kitchen, yay!!!!
 Paul also sanded back the wooden floors so they are yet to be revarnished, that will be the last job. We still have to tile around the cooktop and above the sink.
 I have a new set of cupboards on the other side of the room and I love having the extra bench space. I have always wanted a tea & coffee corner.
 Now I have one, its still looking pretty basic but once I get my pretty dishes back out it will look gorgeous (I hope)
I have bamboo bench tops and I love them, the old benches were black so you can imagine how brighter the kitchen looks, we used the cut out bits of bench top from the sink and cook top and used them for chopping boards. (That was my brilliant idea)

I just can't wait for it all to be finished.

Now its time to enjoy my Sunday and do some sewing, have a wonderful day and I hope you find some sewing time. xx


Anthea said...

It looks great Leanne! How exciting for a new kitchen... when we had our kitchen done a few years ago, we also got boards made from the cut-outs, they're so handy.
Love all your storage baskets, your machine must have been working overtime on them.
Is full-time your new work mode now? Sounds demanding

Susan Snooks said...

Your kitchen looks great! Hopefully it will make it more pleasurable to cook for the family, especially if the full time work continues....

Susan said...

A new kitchen is one of life's great joys. We spend so much time in there that it's a real treat to have clean and new. Enjoy! Cute EPP.

Christine B said...

Love your baskets and your tidy sewing room and, your kitchen is looking fabulous! Hope you can get out all the fun finishing bits and pieces soon! Hugs Christine x

Stephany said...

I love your cupboard with the baskets, it's really nice! Enjoy your new kitchen!!

the girlfriend gap said...

So fun to see the little corners of your world. All of you little baskets makes for a happy space. I might need you to give me a english paper piecing lesson. It is something I would like to try but just haven't taken the time. Thanks for sharing your kitchen joys. Hope it is everything you hoped it would be. Janita

Lynda said...

Your new kitchen is looking so lovely. I love a white kitchen and those bamboo counter tops are such a great colour.

Helen Philipps said...

I loved seeing all the fabric baskets you made...what a great storage idea and they look so pretty too. Your kitchen is looking lovely...such a difficult process to go through, having a whole kitchen re do but so worth it and even washing up seems a pleasure for a long time afterwards!
Helen xox

Susan said...

Wow Leanne you kitchen looks amazing your husband as done a great job. I love your baskets especially all the fabrics you have used. X:)

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