Monday, September 28, 2009

Tadpoles and postcards

Yesterday I took the boys to find some tadpoles, I walk past this creek everyday going to work and I could hear the frogs so I thought surely there might be some tadpoles but alas... we couldn't find any, I think the water was too deep, maybe we'll try again next weekend. It wasn't a total waste of a day though I did get some good stitching done,

I am slowly getting my postcard quit together, I have 2 more to stitch then when I get my machine back from being serviced I'll be right to get sewing, I'm so happy with it so far, after having somany lovely friends stitch a card for me and write a messgae it has turned into a treasured friendship quilt. It reminds of how lucky I am to have such talented lovely friends.
While on the subject of post cards I wondered if anyone was interested in a fabric postcard swap with me, please leave a comment and we can work it out from there. I love to make postcards, they are fun and simple to make. Have a good week everyone.


Rebecca said...

I'll be up for that if you want me too. I like our quilt so far sorry there was no tadpoles, hope better luck next weekend.
Big Hugs

May Britt said...

I can see mine :) This will be a treasure to have.

Jan said...

Your postcard quilt is looking great. I started stitching your postcard last night for you!

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