Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friendship day

Today I went to the Tasmanian Quilt guild friendship day, I had a lovely day of stitching, shopping and chatting to other likeminded quilters . The theme of the day was Spring and Dear Jane. I was very excited to see other Dear jane quilts as it has helped me to keep going with mine.

The lady who owns this quilt did a talk all about Jane Stickle and the history of her life and THE original quilt. It was very interesting.

Pauline was there from calicocrossroads with her shop, I bought a few pieces of fabric for my DJ Quilt. I had never met Pauline before so it was nice having a chat with her.

I took lots more photos so I'll share them tomorrow


Christine said...

Sounds like a great day. Look forward to seeing more of your photos.

Isabella said...

Looking forward to seeing more pics looks like it was a fun day,
Pauline is nice is'nt she

a good yarn said...

The Dear Jane quilt is a incredible. It must have been interesting to hear about the story behind the original quilt. What a delightful way to spend the day. Lucky you! Ann :)

Rebecca said...

I am pleased you had a great time, the dear Janes all look great can't wait to see yours. Next time you see Pauline say Hello for me. Hugs

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