Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shopping & Sewing

 I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, it has been really hot here in Tassie the last few days and I couldn't sleep, laying in bed I thought if i get up now I could do some sewing. Then I thought ... if I get up now I could head to Kmart which is open 24 hours a day and do the rest of my Christmas shopping, so thats what I did. I wasn't the only one there either, While I was shopping I found a few things that I just loved so of course I bought those to, You   know that feeling when you get home and think oh I wish I had bought that, well thats how I felt when I saw these pretties but I bought them straight away. I do love a good cup of tea and this little box was so cute, with tea bags and jams inside. What got me was the bird tea infuser.
 I also found this really cute mason jar that doubles as measuring cups. I love these. Now I'm thinking I should have bought two.

 I have been slowly working on these Nested Churn dash blocks, now all my Christmas sewing is done I can work on something for me. I have a couple of weeks holidays over Christmas so I plan to sew more of these. They finish at 24 inches so quite big. I'm thinking I'll make 9 and then decide if I should keep going.
 They are so much fun to make. I am using all my Kansas troubles fabrics. This quilt will be perfect for winter. I love the warm colours of these fabrucs.

I tried my  latest quilt  finish on my bed and I think it will look  really nice in my bedroom, now I am motivated to get the binding on. Another job for my holidays.

So are you all ready for Christmas. We just about are.

Enjoy your day and thankyou for stopping by.


Susan Snooks said...

What great finds Leanne! If I find things I 'think' I will like, I walk away for a short time. If I am still thinking about them a while later, I go back for them. Much better than leaving them and going back the next day to find they are all gone! Yes, you should have bought two- the other one would have made a lovely gift!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great shopping... Awesome blocks xx

Ruth said...

The measuring cup "jar" is so cute! I've never seen one before. I love the nesting churn dashes - you should do a tutorial - hint hint! And your blue quilt is gorgeous!!!

Susan said...

The hot weather is sapping my motivation too. My gifts are done, just some cooking left to do. I'm stealing some time in the sewing room as well. Your blocks are quite different to your recent sewing.......must be dreaming of winter!

Anthea said...

great finds there Leanne... Kmart do have some lovely things

Christine B said...

Hello Leanne!! I love your purchases and the projects you are working on are beautiful too! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a fabulous time with family and friends! Hugs Christine x

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