Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mini quilts

 Mini quilts are great aren't they, they can be used  many ways. Either a sweet quilt to hang on the wall or a centre piece on the table. I havemade and received some beautiful over the last few months, this gorgeous snowman mini was made for me for Christmas by my lovely friend Kristie,  the workmanship in this quilt is awesome.
 You all know how much I LOVE fig tree fabrics and making this mini autumn quilt was so much fun, its a great way to use up those favourite  scraps you have been hoarding. During the holidays I actually sewed the binding on this leaf quilt so I must make time to handstitch it down.
 I enjoyed making these 2 cute minis for gifts last year.
 Its fun to start and finish a project in just a few days.
 I received this beauty from my dear friend Cynthia for Christmas, its so cute.  Cynthia makes lots of wonderful projects, stop by her blog and check them out. You won't be disappointed.
 See how the words are embroidered to make the snowman, this photo was supposed to be up the top. But blogger is not playing nicely and I can't move it.
I quilted my kettle block on Thursday so now that to is in the binding pile, I want to put this one in my kitchen,

Back to work tomorrow, I love being home and playing in my sewing room but if I didn't have a job  then I couldn't have all that beautiful fabric to play with.

Have a great day and thankyou for stopping by.


Helen said...

Lovely mini's Leanne..... I love mini's too, they are fun to make and are great gifts.

Michelle Ridgway said...

They are all lovely. I adore that very cute snowman x

a good yarn said...

Lovely minis indeed and a great way to use up leftovers. The snowman is gorgeous - all that delightful embroidery. How clever? The kettle will look lovely hanging in your kitchen. Glad you had a fun time sewing.

Susan Snooks said...

Yes, sadly work is a must for me to be able to afford to sew! Love the snowman! He is very cute! Minis are a very satisfying project where we get the chance to try out all sorts of fabric combinations and techniques! Good luck with your day job!

the girlfriend gap said...

You must have the most exciting mail box. : ) Seems like you are always receiving some little treasure in the mail. The snow man is amazing. Minis are so fun to have around the house. Janita

Christine B said...

Hello Leanne! Love all your beautiful mini quilts! The snowman you were sent is just fabulous! Hope you are making the most of the weekend! Christine x

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