Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Rainy Sunday

 Good Morning on this miserable wet day, its perfect for a sewing day so I'm  up early and at my machine while everyone in my house is still asleep.  It really is the best time of the day. During the week i have been making little projects to add to my etsy shop, I made this sweet drawstring bag. I'd love for you to take a look if you get time. The link is in my side bar at the top.
 I also have been busy teaching classes at Patchworks plus, I designed and made this sewing machine cover for the class and now 9 other ladies have one just like it. We had a great couple of weeks together sewing and sharing stories. Thankyou Sarah for such an amazing opportunity.
 This is a great project for scraps, I do have PDF patterns available for $12 if you are interested in making one yourself.  The pattern is very new so I'm still working on the front cover for  the pattern but I will email you coloured photos.
 I am making a head start on a few birthday gifts and this pear project is such fun to sew. I'll share the finished project next week.
 I have  my very first custom order for a cushion so I have been busily sewing this together, now to get started on the back,  I love how it has come together.
 Some new fabrics arrived and I now I have these babies to play with, its the newest line from Sweetwater called Treehouse club.
 I have started cutting into it already and am making a quilt. This photo doesn't really look much but up close the fabric is beautiful.
I tidied my sewing room this week and folded my quilts a bit differently so they don;'t get permanent creases. I added a few smaller ones to a basket just for a change. How do you store your quilts? I would love to hear your ideas.

Ok back to some sewing, have a wonderful day. I hope you find some sewing time. xx


Susie said...

So productive! Gorgeous items to see again. As for storage of quilts, other than one flimsy and a number of partial quilts, most are given away, on beds and one on the couch. No storage issues yet. 😀

Fee said...

Love your Etsy store. And your projects as usual are gorgeous xxx

Susan Snooks said...

Love all those quilts! I store mine on a ladder, on a baker's stand (with books and photos), in buckets, in baskets and on top of a 'toy' chest in my bedroom (which actually stores my Summer clothes.) And of course, on my bed and on the back of every armchair and sofa I own! I own far too many!!!!

Oddbjørg said...

Love your sewing machine cover!

sunny said...

Love the sewing machine cover. I made one with some friendship blocks from a retreat group. I have quilts on the back of chairs and sofa, on the walls, and on a quilt stand. I'd like to get a quilt ladder, but not sure where I could put it.

Anthea said...

Congratulations on giving the class for the machine cover Leanne, I'm sure you're a wonderful tutor!
I love the way you've got your quilts... currently, I roll or fold mine & stack them on a low carved chest in my bedroom...but I don't have as many as you do!!

Christine B said...

Hello Leanne! I am so glad you have had a lovely sewing day.... you sound as though you have been very busy and I love the sewing machine cover you taught at the class. I also saw you had another project published in Homespun magazine.... congratulations. Time has passed quickly the last couple of weeks and I just realised I didn't respond to your last email... sorry! I will email with more news this week! Enjoy the rest of your sewing time! Hugs Christine x

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