Sunday, September 11, 2016

Spring Pumpkins

 Spring is definately here, we have had some beautiful warmer days and my garden has loved it. I am getting my vegie garden beds ready for planting. First on the agenda is pumpkins, real ones and patchwork ones. I have been making lots of pumpkin blocks, this pattern is from Lori Holt. Its such a sweet blocks and its a great way to use up your scraps. I loved this pumpkin so much I decided to make a small mini quilt. The black border really frames it,
 Then I decided to make 2 more pumpkins and make a table runner. I added little stars into these pumpkins. Isn't it just the cutest.
 I have been doing some small cross stitch projects and I used this one to make a pin cushion. Its not finished yet as I ordered some crushed walnut shells to add when I stuff it. I read that walnut shells help fill the pin cushion and give it some shape and weight. Hope it works.
 Today I have sewn lots of tiny squares and made the middle of my runner. Its not finished yet but I love it so far.  The colours are beautiful and most of them are from my fig tree box.

 My garden is full of blooms and looking beautiful, its so lovely to see a burst of colour after such a long drab winter.

Have a fabulous week and thanks for stopping by.


Christine B said...

Hello Leanne! Love all your pumpkin projects and your pincushion is very sweet! Such beautiful flowers too.... nice that Spring has arrived! Have a lovely week! Christine x

Helen said...

Love your little pumpkin quilt, very cute. Such pretty flowers in your garden.

ferne said...

I am getting into the pumpkin mood here too though we are going into fall. I always use crushed walnut shells in my pin cushions and love the results I always add some lavender for a wonderful aroma. Sometimes I stretch the walnuts by adding rice also. I love the weight of it all, I think you will too!

sunny said...

What is that last flower? It reminds me of some paper flowers I had for scrapbooking. All our flowers are dry and tired and dying. Hoping for cooler weather soon. :-)

Your pumpkins are wonderful - and I love the little star! Just makes them totally perfect.

Stephany said...

The pincushion is wonderful Leanne, with the cross-stitch part in it.
It's also pumpkin-time here. Autumn has started today for us.


Ness said...

Love your sewing projects and your sweet flowers are beautiful!!

Ness said...

Love your sewing projects and your sweet flowers are beautiful!!

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