Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mini quilts

 Hi there, so sorry for my long absence. July flew by within a blink of an eye and then it was August. I have been busy doing lots of sewing but most of it has been for magazine publications so I can't share any of it yet. So I'm here today to show you a cute little mini quilt I made for a friend in the USA,
 We did a little quilt swap together, this mini was so much fun to make but boy it took ages to get together. Of course I left it to the last minute deciding what to make so I was rather rushed but I love  how it has come together. Both my friend and I love fig tree so we agreed our minis for each other had to be in our favourite fabric.
  The pattern I used is called Picking Petals by another friend of mine. You can see her blog here. She has lots of pretty things to look at.
 This is the beautiful mini quilt I received from Stacy. Its so pretty and right now it is on my coffee table. I love the softness of this quilt.
 And stars are always perfect don't you think.
 I was a bit spoilt by Stacy, she made me 2 mini quilts. How lucky am I.. Look at this beautiful patriotic USA heart. I just love it so much. the colours are my favourite. For those of you who read my blog you know much I love red, white and blue fabrics. So this quilt is extra special.
We are counting down the weeks now until we go on our big USA adventure.
I'm thinking this will be our last big family holiday together, the boys are older now and I can't see them wanting to travel with us much in the future.  Plus I'm also looking foreward to travelling with just my husband. The last holiday we took alone together was on our honeymoon. Lol

Thankyou for stopping by, wishing you all a wonderful week. I hope you find some sewing time.


the girlfriend gap said...

So pretty and fun to have something new to decorate with. I love your little heart mini! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment the other day on my last post. Life is getting CRAZY here as we make our final preparations for your visit and the garden is in abundance mode at the moment with tomatoes and peppers. It is very dry here so my squash plants have died and cucumbers are looking a little sad too. A friend measured a crack in the ground in his field that was 32 inches deep. The crops are surely suffering. Have a wonderful day. Janita

Susan said...

Hi Leanne, WOW! such beautiful mini quilts love the fabrics. Your not alone I don't know where July went? x:)

Janice Holton said...

I was just about to write to you and find out where you have been! Those minis are gorgeous! Hard to go wrong with Fig Tree! That little heart mini is just too cute. Welcome back to blog land, Leanne, can't wait to see your secret sewing!

a good yarn said...

Your mini quilts are absolutely charming! It's nice sometimes to make a smaller project with a quick-ish finish. I'd already pinned Carried Away's project and plan to make mine with some Tilda fabric I have. Her projects are so popular on Pinterest. Her Basket Sampler is calling my name . . .

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

They are fantastic ❤️

sunny said...

The quilts are all so beautiful. I love Fig Tree also. I wish you were coming to a different part of the US so I could meet up with you. Just a little too far for me to travel.

Anthea said...

Very lovely mini quilts, all of them!
And yes, Fig Tree fabrics are gorgeous, I love them too.

Stephany said...

Hi Leanne,

The miniquilt you made looks fantastic. Nice fabrics from Fig tree. I know the feeling that you would like to go on holidays with just your husband. We do a weekend like that each year, it gives you so much energy.The boys are now 12 years, 10 and 7.
And I'm so happy that I can allready leave them alone for 2 hours (when I go to a friend or do some shopping!)


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