Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first doll

Here she is... this is Sally, a lovely pattern by Rosalie Quinlan, This is the first time I've made a doll and she didn't turn out too bad, she now sits on my side board with my antique singer sewing machine.


log cabin quilter said...

Love the doll! I've been wanting to make one - I got a pattern, but now I have so many other projects to work on.

Fer said...

What a sweetie! You've done a great job also.

Love the Singer, I have a similar hand crank as well. :o)

Black Eyed Susie said...

She's gorgeous. Well done

Stina said...

She´s lovely!!! And love your sewing machine!!!

Catherine said...

She sure is cute!!! Love the red hair!! Cathyxx

Christine said...

Sally looks great in these colours. Love the quilting on her pinny and her wild red hair. Reminds me of a certain sister!

Marit said...

Cute doll! I have been on vacation this week so I didn't see your message before today when I came home. It is very exciting to wait for a Pay it forward gift! Here is my adress:
Marit Mathisen
Svalbardgt. 7
N-1725 Sarpsborg

On our vacation we visited a museum and there I did see a Singer almost like yours. :-)

Sarah said...

Your first ever dol??!! She looks great!!
x Sarah

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