Monday, June 9, 2008

The things we do..

This is my little man, Nicky.

My son who is in grade 2 and all his class mates have been very busy painting faces onto fabric, they all did such a good job, now we have 26 calico pieces and no idea what to do with them so here I am to the rescue. I have made them into one giant wall hanging for the class room, I know the teachers and children will be very happy when I take it to them next term.


Fiona said...

Your a good Mum, and an awesome teachers aide. Well Done looks good. Saw the kids over the road today and thought you would be getting in some stitching time. LOL


Christine said...

Great job on the wallhanging for the kids ... it will look fantastic in the classroom.

Fer said...

Great idea. It looks fantastic and I'm sure the class will love it! :o)

Sarah said...

That is a great idea Leanne!!
looks great
x Sarah

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