Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little bit of painting

Do you remember last year when I painted my really old crystal cabinet?I liked the colour so much that I wanted to paint a couple of other pieces of furniture.

So last weekend hubby and I repainted this cupboard that lives in our bathroom, it was a pine colour before. Paul started painting while I was at work so I didn't get a before shot. I love the way it turned out. It makes the bathroom look so much softer.

Living with 4 males I have to keep it fairly neutral as we all share the bathroom but every now and again I'll add something pretty.

I made this fabric basket during the week to hold soaps and lotions, I must get the inside of the binding sewn down. I got a bit excited and put on the shelf for some photos.

I had these cute little fabric hearts in the drawer so I took them out to have on display. They look nice on the blue hand towel.

We also have an 0ld writing desk which you may remember quite awhile back I painted black ( that was in my primitive look phase) I loved it but it didn't really fit in with all the other furniture so we painted that to and it looks great in the lounge in the corner opposite my crystal cabinet.

One more week of holidays to sew, paint and have fun with the boys before I go back to work. Its going to be great.

Have a wonderful day.

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Cath said...

you have been busy Leanne...the furniture looks fabulous. Enjoy the time with your boys. I have one more week left with my mum before she goes back to the UK.

a good yarn said...

All very nice pieces. Paint really transforms. I'm slowly moving from pale green to a soft cream decor. I have a pine bookshelf to paint and seeing yours I'm confident that mine will turn out well. ann :-)

Lynda said...

They look wonderful Leanne - adds a bit of girly decor too.

Christine said...

Love your bathroom cupboard .. and it looks even nicer in 'real life'.

Jeni said...

You have been very busy your painting

cairnsgirl73 said...

They look really good Lee..I've been decorating our guest room with a Beach theme..I love the white...It looks nice..i have some white shelves with some lovely decor on mine..:-)

Quilt Kitty said...

They look beautiful Leanne. So many men surrounds by so many pretty quilts,china & furnishings, won't hurt them a bit - haha. xx

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