Sunday, January 15, 2012

A little bit of sewing

Not a real lot of sewing to share with you as I worked all last week but now I'm on 2 weeks holiday so I plan to get lots of sewing done in between doing things with hubby and our boys. Tomorrow we are going to Hobart for a bit of retail therapy. The boys have some christmas money just burning a hole in their pocket.. Wednesday we are off to Swansea to do some camping. Should be fun I hope. I'm not much of a camper but I'll give it a go. I plan to do a bit of stitching while the boys are fishing. I did make a new needle case for myself from a charm pack. I loved making it.

This is the back view, it folds in twice if you know what I mean.

This is the inside, I think I should have put the felt to the side as the pockets will be more useful then so I'll make a note of that for next time.

Our garden is looking very pretty with lots of new plants flowering for the first time. I think this plant is Queen Annes lace. Its so delicate and lovely. I planted a pack of mixed seeds and lots of new plants popped up.

A new rose which is just divine, the scent is beautiful.

This one is my favourite, its so pretty and soft.

This cute little baby bird was sitting on our garden waste bin and making such a fuss, I went outside to have a closer look with my camera and I think he was stuck there, I picked him up and sat him on the ground and he ran off as he couldn't quite fly. His Mum and dad were close by and gave him a good talking to, it was so funny to watch.

Have a wonderful week, I hope you find some sewing time.


Christine said...

Pretty needlecase and flowers, Leanne. Enjoy your time away.

De said...

Very pretty. Enjoy your camping.

Mona said...

Beautiful needlecase in pretty fabrics.

a good yarn said...

See, even baby birsd get into mischief! Your roses are beautiful! I bet they smell amazing too. Have fun on your camping trip and enjoy sewing more beautiful things like your needlecase. ann :-)

Tracee said...

Beautiful needle case. Little baby birds are just the sweetest.

Ruth said...

Have fun on your holiday! The roses are lovely & the baby bird is precious.

rosie said...

Leanne, I love your taste in fabric.. such pretty projects in your posts..

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