Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy easter everyone. I hope you are having a lovely break. My weekend has been busy and fun. This morning I cooked my boys pancakes with berries and cream for breakfast. Number one son wouldn't let take a photo of him but 2 and 3 were very happy to pose for a photo to put on my blog.

This is our youngest son, Nicky. He's such a sweet boy.

Number 2 son, Jacob. He is a good boy most of the time. lol

I have a couple of finishes to share with you.

I finished a table runner which I was really happy with. Its made with my Kansas troubles fabrics. I love these fabrics for winter projects. I'll have a bigger project to share later on using more Kansas troubles fabrics.

I also finished a Japanese bag for my sister, she wanted a shopping tote so I made up this design. I hope she likes it.

On the stitching front, I have finished a block from my Sunshine frolics quilt. I'm loving this quilt alot.

Today my husband and I have been painting our kitchen and some furniture, I'll share some photos with you tomorrow as its very messy right now.

Enjoy the rest of your easter, hope easter bunny visited your house.


Anonymous said...

Leanne what a lovely family you have and well done with you beautiful finishes,love that table topper and the bag.xx

Susan said...

Happy easter Leanne. I really like the oriental tote bag i'm sure your sister will too. xx

Tracee said...

Gorgeous family and beautiful sewing. We are also painting this weekend, it's so nice to be able to get the time to freshen every thing up with a bit of paint. Happy Easter.

Quilt Kitty said...

Happy Easter Leanne. Three boys must make life interesting! Great sewing & can't wait to see your furniture painting. Tracee xx

Simone said...

Happy Easter Leanne! I live your finishes. I have some finishes too. Don't be surprised if you get a parcel before the due date a Friends with Benefits Swap. I am all done and awaiting the post office to open.

Stephany said...

Happy easter Leanne. Nice pictures from the boys.

Roseanne said...

Happy Easter Leanne look like you all had a great day. Love the bag and table topper

Charlie and Wendy said...

Great photos of your boys! I love all your projects, the table topper looks perfect on your table and you latest stitchery block is lovely.

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