Sunday, December 6, 2015

New designs and a cover page

 Yesterday I had a bit of a crafty day, doing little projects I have wanted to do for ages but never took the time to do, Here is one of them, I repainted my cross stitch frame and I love how it came out. Looking back at it I was wondering why on earth I chose to paint it gold all those years ago. Its funny how our tastes change as we get older.
 So now its a pretty aqua, I sanded it back gently to give it a bit of worn look. Now I have a question for you, the painted finish  is very dull and I would like it to have a gentle shine so what can I use to make this happen, do I need to seal it?  I think it would a whole nicer if it had a professional finish. Any help would be great.

 In more exciting news from the Land of Lizzie the Quilter, My latest design has landed on the cover of the latest issue of Homespun Magazine. My Magazine arrived on Friday and boy was I excited when I opened it and saw my design staring right at me.
 My project is a pouch and actually the magazine have photographed the back of the design  but is fine but i think the front is much prettier.

 Tiny little dresden blocks in my favourite fig tree fabrics. I loved making this project.

Beautiful photography as always.

Thankyou Homespun magazine you have made me so very happy and thankyou to all of you for reading my blog every week and giving me such encouraging comments.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Christine B said...

Wow Leanne! How very exciting to have your design on the front cover! I will have to look out for my copy of the magazine.... I get it digitally and I haven't received December yet! Your pouch looks lovely! Just an idea for the frame but I think you can get waxes that buff to a shine to put on a painted finish. I think it would be a nicer finish than a varnish. Enjoy your Sunday! Christine x

sunny said...

Your pouch is gorgeous!! I think I may need to make one. You're becoming so famous!

Christine M said...

That's very exciting to be on the cover, Leanne. Your picture frame looks lovely.

Unknown said...

Great work to get featured in Homespun, the one and only I buy now:-} now. I would suggest wax too, you rub it on then rub it off , if not happy with it do it again, Its what they use on the chalk board paint, thats the latest craze but so worth it.

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Congratulations, how exciting to be on the front cover. Well done, Love it.

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