Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lilliums and stitching

I am really enjoying stitching Lynette Anderson's My garden, I just finished block 7, only 2 to go.I thought this little beehive was so cute. It was fast to stitch to. The bee button really makes this stitchery come alive.

Yesterday I was looking at this blog and I saw some beautiful Lilliums so I just had to share mine with you, this is the first year I have tried Lilliums and I was so pleased with how well they grew.

This colour is my favourite.


happy rosie said...

The flowers and stitching are just beautiful. not enough time in the day for me to get much hand sewing done.

Isabella said...

that looks really nice Leanne, love your flowers I only have the white one.

Susan said...

hi Leanne I got your letter on Monday and have sent you one back. Your Lilly's are beautiful, i love the colours. x

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