Monday, January 3, 2011

Room 1 finished

Today we moved the boys into their new room, all the furniture looks really nice. Nicky spent ages setting up all his Star Wars Lego. I'm not sure the doona covers match the new wall colour but I'll get over it and maybe even look around for some new ones.

I went to spotlight today to look at new curtains but they had nothing I liked so I'll have to look at other shops. We did buy the teraline for the windows so the boys have some privacy.

Now its time to makeover our bedroom, as we swapped rooms with the boys we had to pull apart all the beds and shift all the furniture so now we have a mattress on the floor for a few days. I have chosen my paint colour so its good bye blue and white and hello Sherbert green, I hope it looks alright.

At least when my husband shuffled all our things from room to room he folded my quilts nicely on the cupboard. Isn't he a good boy. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have some new "finished" photos to show you.


Vicki said...

The boys must be pleased with their new room! Looks bright and fresh ... and oh so tidy!! Wonder how long that will last???????

Isabella said...

when your finished at your place Leanne just pop up to Burnie to my place. looks really good

happy rosie said...

Looks fantastic, the boys would be so happy with thier new room. My house needs a new paint job but I just hate paniting and cleaning up afterward.

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