Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween, Roses & Sewing

 I know Halloween isn't for every one  but we like it, I think because its something a little different. When we were in America last year is was approaching halloween so the shops were bursting with goodies to buy. I bought these 2 cute ceramic pumpkins. You put a tea light candle in them and the look so nice all lit up.

 I set up a little display in the hallway and put all my halloween things on the side board, I made a fun patchwork cushion.
 My friend Cathy made me this sweet pumpkin pillow, It goes so well with all my other things.

 I also made a paper halloween bunting, this was fun to make. I like paper craft.
 Spring is now in full swing and my garden is looking so pretty, all the roses are in flower. My husband picked these and made a little posy for me for our 20th Wedding anniversary. Last weekend we went to Hobart to celebrate and we had a lovely time. we left the boys home for the first time EVER. I was a bit nervous once it got dark  but I knew they would be fine. Our eldest son is 18 so he cooked dinner and made sure the other 2 boys were ok.  So we survived our first night away  home and now I look foreward to doing it more often,

 I have been doing lots of sewing, working on a few magazine projects and some christmas gifts and today I want to get this quilt finished, just 2 borders to put on and it will be done. Its a bit quilt, approx 90 inches square. I am joining all my left over fabrics together to make a pieced backing. Its a good way to use it up.
 Yesterday I couldn't decide on my borders, I don't have enough fabric to make the borders all the same so I thought a scrappy one would look good. In the end i cut up all my reds and joined them to make the borders, it looks great. I'll share more as soon as i have it together.
I'm so happy its a long weekend, I have so much I want to do. Baking, sewing and gardening.
Enjoy your weekend, I hope you find some sewing time.


sunny said...

Hmmm...Halloween in Spring? I hadn't thought about that. I realy like your star quilt.

Kim said...

Love your decorations. Your star quilt is lovely like the scrappy border.

Susan Snooks said...

You really do have a happy Halloween display happening there! Happy anniversary- we celebrated ours last weekend too! And who doesn't love a l-o-n-g weekend! Four days for us-yippee!

Susan said...

Hi Leanne Congratulations on your 20th wedding annaversary. The roses are gorgeous. X:)

Melanie said...

What a beautiful Star Quilt. Love your Halloween display. It looks great. X

Lynda said...

Your Halloween goodies look beautiful and so does your new quilt. I am also a fan of scrappy backings. Love to use up all the fabric. Your quilt is looking lovely.

Stephany said...

Such a nice halloween display.
Love your quilt !

Mad about Craft said...

Lovely quilt!

Anthea said...

Love all your Halloween things Leanne... I put out some little pieces too.
Gorgeous roses for your anniversary... it's our 21st soon!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hello Leanne,
I like your Halloween display. Very sweet and festive. Halloween is so big here in the State now. It has become over the past few year a big decorating (some of the outdoor decorating is Wow!) and celebrating with parties. Amazing. I'm not into the decorating I'm like you very simple. It goes along with the fall decor so I have a few Halloween items.
I love your quilt and the colors are so pretty. Your roses a lovely. I like the colors you have.
Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Bobbie Lynn said...

P.S. Happy 20th Anniversary too. : )

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