Monday, April 21, 2008

Another new project

I found this pattern in a magazine and it was gorgeous so of course i Just had to make it, Over the weekend I cut out and sewed all the little pieces together now I have to applique them onto a block, I enjoy applique for a change.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A new generation of footy players

Last week at school my boys had to dress up in their football gear, here are my boys. They take their footy very seriously.

Another angel quilt

I love Anni Downs designs and I am making An angels story for the 2nd time, this time round I've used much darker fabrics, when I compare this one to my pastel quilt its just so different, I'm enjoying making this one much more, I think because I like the fabrics better.

friendship quilt

I belong to a stitching group and I asked my friends to stitch me a block so I could put it into a quilt, I am getting a few blocks back and this is what I've put together so far.

fabric post cards

I have had a very productive morning making fabric post cards for the first time, for a swap I'm in, they were easy to do once I worked out what I was doing, I'm sending these off to America. They are very Australian thats for sure.

I've been tagged

Ok I have been tagged by my dear friend Cathy (Gee thanks Cathy) let me think of 7 things I can tell you about myself.

1. I moved to Tassie 2 1/2 years ago,
2. I don't drink alcohol but I love a good cuppa
3. I'm left handed
4. I like to have a routine but I never stick to it.
5. I buy fabric even if I don't need it, a girl can never have enough fabric
6. I don't cope without enough sleep.
7. I'm enjoying blogging more than I thought I would.

Right, time to move on to other things

The big 5 0

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