Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Sewing

 Hi there, I have had a great week in my sewing room, got lots of projects started and some even finished. I have made these sweet little easter bags. They were so easy to put together, Doing the stitching was the longest part.
 Sometimes its fun to make  something that doesn't take long, It gives you that sense of achievement of finishing something.

 I have also been busy sewing my first Quilt as you Go project, this is the sample for a class I will be teaching. It wasn't as hard as I first thought and having this pre printed batting with the pattern already marked on it made it very easy.

 I enjoyed adding a bit of extra quilting to the blocks once they were made. Now I'm doing the sashing and sewing it together,
 I still have 2 blocks to make so I'll share a photo of the completed project as soon as its all finished.

 I  have another little finish, this is a bed runner and its made from  Fig tree fabrics called Avalon. I have put it in my etsy shop for sale, if you would like to take a look or you  know someone who wants to buy a quilt please tell them about my little store. You can find it here.  Word of mouth is often the best way isn't it,
Thankyou for helping me spread the word.

Enjoy your day, I hope you find some sewing time.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Some new things

 Good Morning to you all and Happy Sunday, its going to be another warm day again  so I am in my sewing room early getting a few things done before my rooms gets too hot.  Do you like my new work in progress, I  have mixed a few of my favourite sweet water fabrics and I'm making a sewing machine cover for a class I'm teaching in a few weeks, I'll share more when its complete.
 I am loving sewing with these fabrics.
 Of an evening I like to have  a bit of hand work so I have been stitching these 3/4 inch hexagons together.
 They are so pretty, of course they are my favourite fig tree prints, A few others thrown in because I just love them, Like the little USA flag you can see in the top corner.
 And the pretty little rose bud in this photo, I like to add a bit of fussy cutting.

 These hexagons will be the outside part of my new sew together bag.
 Tasmania has been hit with stage 1 water restrictions so now we can only use the sprinkler at certain times of the day. I spent alot of yesterday hand watering all my flowers.

 They all look so pretty, Naturally they are all my favourite colour "PINK"

 I found some cute pink fabric scraps in my cupboard so I whipped up this little mug rug, perfect for valentines day. Just need to bind it now.
Yesterday I made this marshmallow jelly slice, it looks so delicious I thought I would share the recipe with you.

                                         JELLY SLICE.

250g packet biscuits (finely crushed)
125g butter,melted
4 cups white marshmallows    (I used 2 packets of marshmallows)
2 tbs milk
85g packet strawberry jelly crystals
1 tsp gelatine powder

Grease a 20cm square cake tin with baking paper extending the paper 2cm above the edge of tin. 
Combine crushed biscuits and melted butter in a bowl. Press into the base of cake tin  and chill for 15 mins. 

Place marshmallows & milk in a saucepan over medium heat and stir for 5 mins until mixture is smooth. Pour mixture over biscuit base and smooth the surface. Cool for 30 mins. 

Place the jelly crystals and gelatine into a bowl then make according to packet directions. Cool to room temperature. Pour over marshmallow layer. Chill for a further 4 hours or until Jelly is set. 

This recipe is best made the night before. 

Cut into small squares to serve. 


I hope you enjoy the slice, let me know what you think. 

Time to do some more sewing before my teenagers get out of bed. I promised to make them pancakes for breakfast. 

Have a great day. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Published again ...

 It was back to work for me this week, so normal routine has resumed. It took me a few days to get back into it but its all good now. I did have a wonderful surprise during the week when the postie delivered the much anticipated newest issue of Homespun as I knew  my latest design was being published.

 Let me introduce my newest friends who have joined Lizzie the Quilter designs, I loved designing and stitching this project, it was so much to see these cute kids bought to life with needle and thread,

 I hope you like it to,

 Most Saturday mornings my family have a sleep in so I get up early and head off to my sewing room to enjoy the piece and quiet, I try to work on a project that has been hanging around awhile or if the mood strikes I start a  new one, that was the case yesterday. I had this sweet fabric in my stash so I got that out and I thought about what I could make  with this fabric, 2 hours later and a growling tummy as it was way past my breakfast time I had these sweet pouches made.
 I love those hedgehogs.
 I only had smaller pieces to use so I made this pouch with 2 different fabrics,
I quite like how they turned out.
So now I have a couple of gifts ready for birthdays later on.

I'm heading out for a sewing day to the famous Cherry Shed with all my stitching buddies, I can't wait. Its always such a good day. I have my projects ready. I wasn't sure what to work on so to cover all bases I'm taking a few.

Have a great day, I hope you find some sewing time today.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mini quilts

 Mini quilts are great aren't they, they can be used  many ways. Either a sweet quilt to hang on the wall or a centre piece on the table. I havemade and received some beautiful over the last few months, this gorgeous snowman mini was made for me for Christmas by my lovely friend Kristie,  the workmanship in this quilt is awesome.
 You all know how much I LOVE fig tree fabrics and making this mini autumn quilt was so much fun, its a great way to use up those favourite  scraps you have been hoarding. During the holidays I actually sewed the binding on this leaf quilt so I must make time to handstitch it down.
 I enjoyed making these 2 cute minis for gifts last year.
 Its fun to start and finish a project in just a few days.
 I received this beauty from my dear friend Cynthia for Christmas, its so cute.  Cynthia makes lots of wonderful projects, stop by her blog and check them out. You won't be disappointed.
 See how the words are embroidered to make the snowman, this photo was supposed to be up the top. But blogger is not playing nicely and I can't move it.
I quilted my kettle block on Thursday so now that to is in the binding pile, I want to put this one in my kitchen,

Back to work tomorrow, I love being home and playing in my sewing room but if I didn't have a job  then I couldn't have all that beautiful fabric to play with.

Have a great day and thankyou for stopping by.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Lots of sewing

 I have thoroughly enjoyed my final week of Christmas holidays, Back to work on Monday but I can go back with a big sewing fix to keep me happy. I have achieved quite alot. I got the binding sewn down on my newest fig tree quilt. I do love this quilt, its so soft and pretty. I used all my fig tree scraps for this one.

 Its now hanging in my sewing room and I even stitched a label and sewed it to the back.
 I had this block I made that I was going to use in a quilt but changed my mind so I added some borders and now its a mini quilt, Just need to get the binding on.

 Another block was this kettle from the Fat quarter shops Snapshots quilt, I was going to make the whole quilt  but then got bored and only made the first 3 blocks, I think they can all be minis.
 I do love the quilting i did on this one. Just a zig zag stitch that I adjusted slightly.
 Some new fabric arrived today, its a Lori Holt line called calico days, its very pretty. I don't know what I'll make yet so it can sit on my desk for a little bit , while I think about it.

 And finally a few photos of my flowers in my garden, these are Christmas lillies and look amazing when they are all in flower. My gladiolis are in flower to, its nice to look out my sewing room window and see these  blooms.
Ok I should make the most of today and do some more sewing.

Thankyou for stopping by, enjoy your day.

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