Saturday, October 27, 2012

Union Jack

 You know when I first saw a Union Jack quilt over at this blog I really liked it but  at the time I never thought I would be making my very own. That was until my dear friend Cathy wanted to make one and she asked me if I'd like to join her.
 Well I never turn down an opportunity to have a sewing session with Cathy so we made one block together. I absolutely loved  the way it went together and it was so different from anything I had made before.
 So I have been having a few sewing sessions of my own and have made a few more blocks. Stay tuned for more on this quilt as its going along so well. I want to make 20 blocks altogether.
 I also cut into my bliss jelly roll that's been hiding in the cupboard for over 2 years.
 I started making a quilt called Sparkling gemstones from a jelly roll book.
 This is how it goes together.
 This week my garden has burst into bloom yet again so I just had to share some pics. Look at this beautiful Lilac. I have picked a bunch and have them in my sewing room, the scent is divine,

 You see the perfectly manicured lawn. well thats down to my husband,. The garden is his domain but occasionally I'm allowed to potter with him.

 Bright yellow daisies make the yard very cheerful.
I get to enjoy all this from my sewing room window.
This lawn is the perfect cricket pitch for the boys during summer.

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you find some sewing time. My Union Jack blocks are calling me. Bye.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exeter friendship day

 Yesterday I set off early with my dear friend Marina to the Exeter friendship day. The hall was beautifully set up with quilts and displays.
 Pauline from Calico crossroads was there with her stall, she had beautiful things.
 I had a great day with my all my friends, here is Cathy and Sarah.
 Razzy and me.
 When we got there we all got a little present each, I received this cute little fabric thread tidy and a needle keeper. So pretty.
 Of course I did make a few purchases. I bought some Lynette Anderson christmas fabrics, they are lovely. Now to find a project for them.
 And these cute craft keepers, you can wind your threads around the body. I thought they were a great idea. Good for that "special " thread you have been saving.
 I did manage to get some stitching done. I finished block one on my Leanne's house quilt.

And block 2 is almost done. This is a lovely block to stitch. I am really enjoying it.

Today I have baking to do for the boys lunch boxes for the week and you can bet I'll be in my sewing room playing with fabrics throughout the day as well.
I hope you have a great day.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'd like you to meet.....

 My new tilda doll, isn't she just the cutest thing.      She was so much fun to make.

I loved her outfit, the pants suit looks so perfect for her. But it was her denim jacket that got me, I think thats why I wanted to make this doll and of course the cute crocheted beanie.

 The beanie was beautifully made by my friend Lisa of cubby house crafts.Isnt it just the cutest thing.
I do love tilda dolls but I guessed you knew that already. lol

Today I have some borders to put on a new quilt and some secret santa gifts to work on.

Have a great day and I hope you find some sewing time.

Friday, October 12, 2012


 Now Spring is here I have started changing my quilts around the house, I have got my Bliss quilt hanging up in the hall way now, its a Nat Bird design which I did last year. I love her patterns, they are always so soft and pretty.
 Some freshly picked flowers from the garden,  I love having real flowers inside.

 Outside our back garden is still blooming, our new apple tree has its first blossoms, it will be fun waiting to see if we actually get any fruit.
 The last of the daffodils, they are so cherry and bright on any dull day.
 Now these are my favourite, soft white primulas. So delicate and just gorgeous.
 I had to pick some of our tulips and put them in my sewing room, Miss Tilda thought they matched her out fit. Isn't she pretty. I do love my tilda dolls, I have a new one to share very soon.
The ranunculas (not sure if thats spelt right) are the last bulb flowers to bloom, they are beautiful scattered among other plants.
Not long til the weekend and I can play in my sewing room and admire all the prettiness of our yard through my big window,
Have a great day.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Projects

 I have had a wonderful week in my sewing room. ( I don't think I'll ever get sick of saying that) I still can't believe I actually have a sewing room. A room just for me and my crafts. Life is good.
I saw this cute little basket on line so I just had to make it. I used my tilda fabrics and it turned out so cute.
 I also made some pretty needle cases for work. The fabric is by Helen Stubbings and Esmes has the whole range. Its so pretty.

 I finished a new table runner for my kitchen dresser. Now Spring is here my kitchen looks bright and cheery.
 I just love these Vintage modern fabrics.
 I also love this pretty pile of fabric, Pulled from  my stash to make a new quilt.
 I am making Leanne's house quilt, which is an old pattern  and I think her very first block of the month.
I have made another quilt by leanne and I thought this one would make a nice companion.
Last night I got the first block together and even did some stitching.

Today I plan to bake and of course do some sewing.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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