Sunday, June 26, 2011

A teenager and a new project

Today our middle son turned 13, Where do the years go!!! It just seems like yesterday I was taking him to his first day of school. He has had a wonderful day playing with his ipod touch we gave him. I have had a very quiet weekend as I'm feeling poorly with a bad sinus infection, off to have a CT scan tomorrow and hopefully get it sorted.

Yesterday I did find some time to sit at my sewing machine and make half square triangles for a new project I have wanted to do, I had a fat eighth bundle of Moda Chrysalis and really didn't know what to do with so I came up wih this simple idea.

Of course once I had made a few triangles I had to sew them together.

I think they look really nice set out like this, I sewed 5 rows together last night and another 5 today, I think 3 more rows and it will be big enough.

I like it when a pattern or an idea come together really quickly. I feel like I have achieved quite alot.

I hope you found some sewing time today.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We have been to play in the snow

We have lived in Tasmania for 6 years now and each winter we promise to take the boys to the snow but life gets in the way and we don't get there, or we do go but only to find no snow. My boys have never seen real snow close up or even touched it so you can imagine their excitement as we saw lots of snow on the side of the road as we were driving up the mountain, I thought Jacob was going to jump out of the car.

The boys had such fun but didn't really realise how cold the snow would be.

Our youngest son made his very first snowman, isn't he cute!!!!

Its the last day of my holidays today, I have had such a nice break, I got lots of sewing done, went for a long walk each day and did lots of baking.
I love being home and spending time with my family, school holidays are awesome.

Until next time... happy sewing

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A quilt top finished

I sure have been catching up on things during my time off from work, Winter is the best time for those indoor jobs like putting quilt tops together. I did these stitcheries nearly 2 years ago and then they just sat there waiting for me to make them up but I always had other things I wanted to make so they got shoved back into the cupboard until.... Saturday I thought I'm going to get this top completed before I do anything else. So all over the weekend I cut and sewed strips and finally got my quilt top together.

I love this little quilt and now I'm thinking "why" didn't I make it up sooner

I hope you found some sewing time today.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A freezing day

Its been such a cold week here in Tasmania, I think its going to be a cold winter. After all the rain we had during the week it was so nice to see the sun today. After all the cloud lifted we could see snow on the mountain, it was so pretty. I just had to share a picture. This is the view from our back garden, how lucky are we.

Yesterday I enjoyed making my first jar cover so much that today I made another one, this time its all fabric without the stitchery. Its smaller than my first one but just as sweet, I added a few buttons just to make it more interesting.

This is a back view just to show you how they do up around the jar.

I have started stitching the pattern for the other design of Lisa's jar cover so I hope to get that done over the weekend, I made mine a little longer by adding a bit more of the design.

I hope you find some sewing time this weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankyou Lisa

In this months homespun magazine there is a fantastic jar cover project by the very talented Lisa over at Cubby House crafts. As soon as I saw these I had to make one, not only because I love them but because I really like Lisa and her blog is full of beautiful projects and inspiration. So here is my version of Lisa's jar covers.

Stitched on linen which I really like to work with, don't look too close at my scalloped edge, that was tricky for me but I'll keep practising until I get it right.

The lady bird won me over, she is so cute. I have traced the other design for another jar cover so today I'm going to start stitching that.

I have a week off from work which I am really enjoying, I have done a few of those jobs that I keep putting off like cleaning the oven. Now I can sit back, relax and get stitching.
Thanks Lisa for such a pretty project.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A newly finished quilt

I started making this quilt at least 2 years ago I reckon, it has sat at the shop as a top all this time. People have admired it, touched it and patted it. It was getting a bit knocked around so last week I quilted it and got it FINISHED. Hooray. It now hangs in the shop on display. We have kits for sale as well. This quilt is called My favourite things by Kerry Gillespie.

This is my favourite block, sorry its a little blurry.

I also like this one to.

Speaking of getting things finished I have been working on getting my "From the heart" stitchery blocks by Natalie Bird into a quilt top, I have changed the layout slightly,

Still 3 blocks to get sewn. I am using Bliss fabric which is so pretty.

I am on holidays now for a few days which I am really looking foreward to, its term break for the boys so I have a few things planned with them, including going to the movies on Wednesday.
When I'm not busy with the boys you will find me keeping my sewing machine company and whipping up a few more projects. Here's hoping anyway.

Have a great week.

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