Monday, February 28, 2011

Another finish

One last finish for February to put on my OPAM list is My Garden by Lynette Anderson, I have been doing this sweet little quilt as a sample for the shop where I work. It was a block of the month so its been in the making for the last 9 months. Finally its all done. The buttons really make this quilt, they are beautifully painted and just so cute.
The house block is my favourite.
We are going to be doing Lynettes next button BOM which is christmas related, It starts next month and from a few snippets that I've seen its looks lovely.
I hope you found some sewing time today.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A weekend away

We have had a lovely weekend away in Hobart, it was a surprise for our boys. We got up on Saturday morning and said pack a bag we are going away for the weekend, they didn't belive us to start with. We stayed at Cozy cabins as its always quite reasonable and we can take our own food and cook in the kitchen, Nicky thought he would be funny and hide in the wardrobe, he called me into his room and there he was in the cupboard.
The boys played hand tennis as we don't have tennis raquets, they enjoyed themselves.

These are the cabins we stayed in, they are quite good. There are 4 bunk beds, a double bed, a kitchen and a table and chairs. Also a bathroom.

I think these cabins are more expensive to stay in as they have a balcony and a lovely view.

While we were in town we did a bit of shopping and iI visited the Needlewoman, its a beautiful shop but one of those that you feel you shouldn't touch anything. Everything was perfect. I wasn't really game to ask if i could take some photos, I did make a few purchases, some fat quarters and a charm pack of Blackbird designs new range called Wild rose. Its very pretty. I did do some stitching but I'll share that tomorrow.
I hope you had a good weekend and got some sewing done.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm so excited

Just before christmas, the editor of Down Under Quilts magazine e-mailed me and said she had seen a picture of one of my quilts and wanted to know if she could publish it in the magazine in a feature on basket quilts, well after I Picked myself up off the floor and sat back in the chair and thought about it for a whole 2 seconds I e-mailed back and said that would be great. Well today the issue arrvied and there it is on page 14 along side another beautiful basket quilt.

I was so excited to see MY quilt in print. Never in a million years did I think my quilts were good enough for a magazine. it just goes to show you can do anything if you set your mind to it.
Now its time to get off cloud 9 and start cooking dinner.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric clean up

Unfortunately we don't have a spare room in our house for me to use as a sewing room, so I have to store all my quilting goodies and fabrics in boxes in the laundry. This is a good way of storing things but it can get very messy so today I decided to have a clean up. it went from this...... boxes overflowing with my reproduction fabrics
to this ........................ I went to our local discount store called Chicken feed and I bought these under the bed storage boxes for $10 each. They hold heaps of my fabrics all neatly folded and ready for me to just grab. I now need to make the effort to put fabrics back neatly.

It wasn't just a tidy up day for me, I did fit in a bit of sewing which I'll share with you later on, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Steady progress

I am really enjoying working on my new project with the Flower sugar fabrics, this quilt is coming together really quickly, I hope to do a bit more today. I finished the sudoku quilt sample for the shop, I have had many customers say how lovely it is, we had to order more kits as this range of fabric is so popular. Its called Perrenials by Kansas Troubles, these ranges are so beautiful, I have collected quite a few over the years and I try to make something with each new range.
Now its back to my sewing machine to see what else I can get finished this weekend, I hope you find some sewing time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mug rugs

Its so quiet in my house right now, my boys have gone back to school today. My middle son Jacob was very nervous as its his first day of high school. I know he will be fine but I'll be worrying about him all day. Lucky I've got work to keep me busy. I joined my first mug rug swap and these are the two I made. I thought they turned out quite well, Right now they are on their way to Amercia.I enjoyed making these and will definately looking for some more swaps to join. I hope you find some sewing time today. I know I will.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My quilt is finished

Its always a great feeling to finish a quilt. Yesterday I quilted my French general quilt and I'm so happy with it, The quilting pattern is called Country Garden, to me this pattern is elegant and old fashioned whereas Lillian says its funky and retro, Isn't it funny how we both look at the same pattern but see something totally different.

I love all French general fabrics but Maison DeGarance is my most favourite.

Now this quilt is finished its time to think about a new project, so I took these beauties out of the cupboard....

Yummy Flower sugar 2 fabrics by Lecien

I plan to make this gorgeous quilt that is in the winter edition of Quilts and More magazine
I hope you found some sewing time today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mini cushions

Sometimes instead of working on big projects all the time I enjoy making small things that I know can be finished in a couple of hours, this was the case with these mini cushions I made, they were so quick to make up and they look so cute altogether in a wooden box. I think I'll have to make a few more.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I did it

well I did have a little but of help from my husband, he did the sudoku puzzle for me and I sewed the blocks, I think they turned out really well, I have numbered each one so when I put the sashing in between I know I won't mess them up. These are some roses I just picked from our garden, just had to take a photo as they are so pretty.

I also made some tags for my quilt journal, I'm not really a scrapbooker but I enjoyed making these. I hope you found some sewing time today.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sudoku Quilt

We always get excited at work when boxes of fabric are delivered, I can't wait to tear them open to see whats inside. Yesterday we got some Sudoku quilt kits that Lillian had ordered so I got the chance to take one home to play with. This kit is made from kansas troubles fabric, my absolute favourite ranges.
Before I start I have to learn how to do Sudoku puzzles,I think I'll be asking my 10 year old son to help me, It looks confusing or maybe I'm just not smart enough.
Wish me luck. I hope to be back tomorrow to show you the finished blocks.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My first finish for 2011

Its been along time in the making but I have finally finished my Angel story quilt, the reason it took so long is I decided to hand quilt each square, well I hadn't worked on it for over 6 months then I decided its about time I got to it and just got it done.
I stippled around each of the applique blocks and the border.
Its such a pretty quilt, I love the soft colours and the girlishness about it.
Having 4 males in my house I need a few pretties.

This is my first finish for the OPAM group I just joined. Whoo hoo.

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