Sunday, November 26, 2017

Around the garden

 Hi there, not a lot of sewing going on around here lately because I have been  busy spending my time in the garden. This time of year is when I get my summer seeds planted and the vegetable garden started.

 Poppies and Zinnias, my favourite flowers.
 My vegetable garden is now doing well, all seeds have sprouted  so in a few weeks and months I hope to have some yummy carrots, cucumber, brussel sprouts, snow peas and pumpkins.
 All my roses are so pretty, I love to cut them and bring them inside.

 I did make some time to sew a sewing machine cover that I designed for a magazine a little while ago. I made this for a friend and gave it to her last Sunday. I do enjoy sewing for others.

Soon I'll  be digging out the Christmas decorations, can you believe Christmas is almost here.

Have a wonderful week. xx

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Time flies........

Hi everyone. I really didn't mean to leave it so long between posts but the days have come and gone so quickly lately. Do you find that to. Christmas will soon be here. Eeekk
I have had some fun in my sewing room recently, I made this lovely camera bag for my etsy shop and now its on its way to a new home in USA. I'm so pleased . 

 As well as sewing, I have been cosying up the house. My sweet husband painted this cupboard for me, it was all dark wood and while I loved the style I no longer liked the colour, so out come the good old electric sander. Didn't he do a great job!!
I have  had a lovely time playing around with all my things, rearranging and folding.
 I love little baskets of quilts rolled up. Much better to have them out for everyone to see.

 I did a little halloween decorating to, Its a fun time of year.
 I even started a new halloween quilt, I have made all the blocks now I just need to put it together. I'll have it ready for next year for sure.
So thats what has been keeping me busy.

Hope you have found some time to do all the things you love to. Thankyou for stopping by.

Until next time .... Happy sewing.

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