Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gail Pan gifts

 Who doesn't love getting beautiful things in the mail, especially when they are made from my favourite fabrics. Dear Peg was my partner for our friends in stitching Gail Pan swap, Look at the pretty things she made me, I love everything.
 Pretty project holder, needlecase and the cutest pin cushion. Even some yummy treats.
Thankyou so much Peg, I'll treasure these always.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My newest design is in Homespun magazine.......

 And I couldn't be happier, Here are my stamped pin cushions, made from Linen and some beautiful Happy go lucky fabrics. Of course I added a touch of embroidery, it wouldn't be a Lizzie The Quilter Design without it.  I do love my stitchery.
 Its a lovely photo shoot they did, My project  looks really sweet in the basket of oranges don't you think?
 This one was my favourite pin cushion. I do love buntings.
 Remember last week I was showing bits of my Sew together bag, well its nearly finished and instead of doing the outside as one whole piece I made mine all patchy with lots of little bits. I dug into my box of Bonnie and Camille fabrics and picked out a few to make it look more like a mini quilt, the end result will be very pretty I hope, thats providing I make the last part without any problems, Bags aren't my strongest point thats for sure.
 My photos have got a bit mixed up so this one is my new Tilda table runner, all sewn and ready to be quilted by the wonderful Sarah. Tilda  fabric is so soft and pretty. I really love how this turned out.
 Now back to my sew together bag, this is a photo of the inside, see the 3 separate compartments, well they are inside the  bag. You will see it all finished very soon I hope then you will know what I'm talking about.
 My good friend Sunny who lives in America asked me to make her a Tilda doll, now she has arrived at her destination I can share a photo, she was fun to make. I'm so pleased Sunny loves her as much as I do. Give her a little hug from time to time from me please Sunny.
So thats what I've been up to, another week has come and gone. Only 3 weeks to go until I go to Melbourne for the AQC. I really can't wait.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you find some sewing time.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Its been a busy day.

 When you work during the week do you try to fit in as much as you can on the weekends? I sure do, I try to sew as much as I can, catch up on the house work and do those jobs like wash the floors and dusting. Today I was washing the floors and I moved my quilt ladder to mop under it and I  realised how dusty my quilts were so I  decided to give them a wash.
 They looked so pretty in the back garden. Swishing around in the breeze.
 My scrappy trip along is a favourite, it has all my best fabrics in it.
 Yesterday I decided just out of the blue to make another zipper pouch, I am really liking these and as I just make it up as I go  you can do whatever you like. I added a little pieced block just because I liked it, it also adds a bit of interest.  This is one side.
 And this is the other, it turned out very pretty. I will use it to hold my stitching goodies.
Today I played with more zips, some of you may know about a bag thats been around on instagram and blogs called the Sew together bag, its an awesome little bag that opens up and you have 3 separate zip compartments inside. I bought the pattern and read the instructions but I had no idea how it all worked  then last week on Instagram this lovely lady decided to host a sew along and show us all how to make it so I joined in and todays job was to put the middle sections together with the zips. It took me a long time to get it right but its looking good. Can't wait for the next step now.

Its time to pack up my sewing and head to the kitchen to start dinner, home made pasties tonight. They smell so good.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you find some sewing time

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Liberty love

 You may think I have gone a little pouch crazy and you are right. I have had a lovely time in my sewing room doing all sorts of wonderful things.  The pouch above is the first one I made, I loved how it came together and I especially love those pretty liberty fabrics.  Simple squares can be so effective don't you think?
 I showed you this one last week all in pieces ready to sew, so here it is. It has to be my favourite, I added some linen only because i never had enough liberty fabrics and i was thrilled with the end result,
 Of course I had to add a touch of embroidery to make it even more special. Can you see the little daisy the bird is holding in his beak. ?
 And my basket full of pretty Summer blooms. I love how this looks.
 I also made this bigger pouch with some little 4 1/2 inch star blocks and some linen, I quilted the linen in straight lines and it really gave the pouch some body.
 This is the back but I think I'll make it the front as I love the way the one little block sits in the middle,
This is the lining I used, Its an adorable print and just perfect for my project.

I am enjoying a long weekend, lots of sewing being done and new designs being created.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and find some sewing time.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lots of things.

 So much is going on in my house right now, we are painting the outside and having a new picket fence made so its been very busy. Hubby is doing a great job, I think he will be glad to go back to work for a rest. I have been having a lovely time in my sewing room making a few new projects, I found my very tiny stash of Liberty prints and I started making a sewing pouch, its looking very pretty. I'll be sure to share it with you all when I finish. I have found Liberty prints really hard to find here so I wondered if any of my blogger friends had any scraps they would be willing to trade with me, I have lots of other fabrics I'm willing to part with for just a few yummy pieces of Liberty.
 Yesterday was our special Cherry Shed get together, we had a great day, just a small group of us this time. Here is Lib sharing her beautiful pin cushions that I designed, I was so thrilled to see them.
 Gail and Sarah hard at work,
 Katharine and Cathy, having a chat.  We all had a lovely time and the food was fabulous.
 During the week I bought some new Greengate to add to my collection, I was thrilled to find someone in Australia  who stocks it, it truly is beautiful.
 Look at these tea cups with the ceramic spoon.
 This one is so dainty and pretty. You can find greengate here of you want to have a look.
This little sneak peek is my project I will be teaching at Patchworks plus in a couple of weeks, I can't wait, Its a beginers class and we will have a great time.

Ok, thats what I have been up to this past week, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and you get some sewing time.

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