Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lucky Lizzie

 My boss at work is back from her holiday to London and Paris so my routine is back to normal again, I was very excited to receive these gifts from Lillian. She bought me back some Cath Kidston goodies. A beautiful carry bag and a cover for my ipod or phone. I love them, thankyou Lillian.
 I love the pattern in this case, wish it came in fabric to.
 Lillian also gave me this pretty lace motif, I forget where she said she got it from. I think France. Its so pretty and delicate.
 Also during the week my dear friend Kim gave me this beautiful christmas ornament, Kim works with me but she is leaving which is such a shame. Thankyou Kimmy. I will miss you.
 My penfriend Jan and I did a little fabric swap and this is what Jan sent me, some pretty fabrics and a hand towel.
 Also this cute cheater table runner fabric. I can't wait to make this up.
 My eldest son Daniel made me this fantastic cupboard in wood work at school, He did such a good job.
 I have it in my sewing room and when the weather gets warmer I'm going to paint it white. Its so special having things your children make for you,
Yesterday I made my first lemon meringue pie, it turned out great and tastes delicious.

Today I'm having a day in my sewing room, I have a few projects I'm working on but I can't share just yet as they are for christmas swaps. I am going to finish my newest tilda doll which I can't wait to share with you, she is gorgeous.

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some stitching and a new bag

 Its been a busy week at work and I am surviving working full time, one week to go. I do admire women who do work full time and have a busy family life.I don't know how they do it. I'm looking foreward to getting back to my regular routine. I haven't had much sewing time but I did finish my Nat Bird stitchery. I love these designs, in fact I love all Natalie's projects. I have a pin cushion ready to start from her new book Red Home.
 The buttons add that extra special touch.
 A little while ago my on line stitching group had a tea towel bag swap. This is what I made for Peg. I cut the tea towel in half and made 2 little bags.
 This is the beautiful bag I received from Fiona. Its gorgeous and before this tea towel was a bag I never would have used it, its way too pretty to get dirty. Thankyou Fiona.
This is a just because its cute photo. ...
Today I'm going to Cathy's for a bit of stitching therapy and a catch up.
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday sewing and baking.

 I have made the most of my one day off today and I've done lots of things. I got up at 6.30am and went for a walk, it was the first early morning walk in a couple of weeks as its been so dark but now its much lighter and I feel safer walking so early. During the week I received some wonderful mail, first from my pen friend Stephany who lives in Belgium. Steph made me some beautiful birthday gifts. A wonderful notebook and a sweet little wooden heart which I have hanging up in my sewing room. A little roll of pretty fabrics.
 Look at the cute houses Steph made, they are like mini ornaments. Thankyou Steph, your gifts are beautiful.
 I also received another birthday package from Wendy. I was so excited to find a tiny doll inside. Isn't she just the cutest.

 Wendy also made this beautiful purse. Thankyou Wendy, I love my gifts.
 I received some pretty Lecien fabric that I ordered, its called Floral collection Princess rose. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet but you can bet I'll start something soon. I just can't wait to cut into it and create something really girly.
 Today I am finishing off another quilt, its called Spools by Thimbleblossoms. I love Camille's patterns, they are so easy to follow.
 I hope to get it quilted this week.
 As my boys are on school holiday and we are working each day I had to do some baking for them  so they don't eat packets of chips for lunch. Tomorrow they have mini Quiche.
 For a snack I made brownies....
and yummy coconut biscuits.

Thats all for today, I think I need a nana nap.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you find some sewing time.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gardeners Journal Quilt

 I have survived my first week of working full time at the shop, usually I only work 20 hours a week but my boss is on an overseas holidays so for the 3 weeks I am shop manager. I have found time to finish and quilt my Gardeners Journal quilt, I'm so happy with it. I love the fabrics and the colours.
 The fabrics I used are wild rose by Black bird designs.

 This is what I feel like doing right now, Just resting in my garden and admiring all my pretty flowers that are out right now.

 The pansies are my favourite. So sweet and delicate.
 Just like these beautiful primulas.
 The crab apple tree is in full blossom and its gorgeous.
Some new azaleas are just near my sewing room door so I can admire them from my  chair when I;m sewing. The garden always looks so pretty in spring. I have bought heaps of new seeds and bulbs ready for planting very soon. So then in summer we will have new blooms to admire.

Enjoy your weekend in your garden.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Its all about Tilda

 I have had a lovely time in my sewing room this week making some things with my much loved tilda fabrics. The first cut was hard but once I got going and I knew what I wanted to make it was good fun.

 I have always wanted a little stitching folder to hold my stitchery projects while I work on them.
 So I came up with this, it was so much fun to make, the buttons and the braid make the front I think.
 The birdie tilda fabric is my favourite so I had to put that through the middle.It ties together with some ribbon.
 When you open it up it has 2 pockets to hold projects and threads.
 Now I can take my projects with me wherever I go.
I have some new ideas on what I want to make next, now I'm on a roll I plan to use a bit more of the tilda fabric I have stored in the cupboard. First I need to tidy my sewing room, do you know how happy that makes me, I'm sure you think I'm mad but just the fact I have a sewing room to clean makes my day . I would be reading other blogs and they would say how messy their sewing rooms were and I would think how lucky they were to have one. Now I can join the messy sewing room club.
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More presents and almost a finish

 I have a few more birthday gifts I would like to share with you, these lovely ones are from my on line stitching group. A beautiful recipe folder complete with recipes that we each put on the blog. Those Anni Downs fabrics are so pretty.
 Look at these cute cupcakes, the pot holder is so lovely I don't want to use it.
 The theme for our birthdays this year is Cook, Eat, Grow so I have the recipe folder full of recipes to cook and a lovely scone or cookie cutter to use. Some lollies to eat and some sunflower seeds to grow. A well thought of gift, thanks Teresa. You did a great job.
 Lillian gave me this lovely photo frame, She is my boss at work. She said to put a photo of my family in it, put the frame in my sewing room and don't forget I have a family to feed when I'm busy sewing. I thought that was clever.
Paul has already come into my sewing room about 6pm and asked whats for dinner. I'm sure he thinks I have forgotten all about them.
 My lovely friend Cathy gave me this fantastic rotating cutting mat. It will be great for cutting out my hexagons.
 Last Sunday when I shared my gifts from Tracee I forgot to show you this beautiful heart she made me. Its so pretty with the pastel buttons sewn all around it. Thank you Tracee, I loved your gifts.
 Lastly I am almost finished with my gardeners journal quilt. Just  the last row to sew together and then I can do the borders.
I had to stitch the birdies in the tree and last night I did those so now its ready to finish off. I can't wait to get it all together.

Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The best birthday ever....

 Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it with a group of my best blogging buddies, we had a sewing day at the Cherry Shed. It was the best day.  Here is Sarah, Lisa and Jane. I had not really met Jane and Lisa before and they are the nicest ladies. Lisa spent most of the day helping me with my tilda dolls.Thankyou Lisa.
 Here is Christine and her friend Amanda, they were busy stitching.
 I had cherry pie for dessert and if course the girls put candles on it and sang Happy birthday, It was nice.
 My wonderful mother in law sent me these lovely gifts, she always seems to know just what I love. Thankyou Dawn.
 She sent these beautiful Cath Kidston products. I'm very lucky.
 My wonderful friend Tracee from Perth sent me the most beautiful wall hanging and stand. Its truly lovely and very special.You did such a good job Tracee and I  know how busy you are. thankyou.

My dear friend Marina gave me these beautiful gifts. I truly was spolit. I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful, creative friends,
We are off to the market now for fathers day so I'll be back in a day or so to share all my other presents.

Have a wonderful day.

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