Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look what I got...

I have always admired quilt ladders but never thought I would have one until I showed my husband some on the internet. Then look what he made me. I was so happy, I came home from work yesterday and there it was in the hallway. I intend to paint it black so it matches my writing desk. Of course I had to put some quilts on it right away to see how they looked.

Over the weekend I made some bags, I'm calling these bathroom bags, they will be good to put toothbrushes etc in when we go away, they were fun to make.

I used my Rosalie Quinlan fabric for one bag then I played with another fabric and made this cute pin cushion. Enjoy the rest of your week,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A finish for me...

At long last this quilt is finished. I started it 2 years ago and while the stitchery only took a few weeks to complete I decided to hand quilt it. I worked on it for awhile then got bored so it sat in the wardrobe for at least 12 months then last week I decided to get it finished and all last week all I did was hand quilt, before work, after work, after dinner and before bed. Whew, now its done and today I sewed on the binding now I just need to sew it down. I'm so pleased with it. This is my favourite block.

Now that project is almost out of the way I sewed borders on my Family Values blocks that I did quite some time ago, I am using Kansas troubles fabric called Vine creek, its so beautiful. I use Kansas troubles alot in my quilts which I'm sure you have noticed.
I hope you found some sewing time this weekend.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday sewing

I have had a very productive day today with my sewing. I made this quilt top for my son Jacob, it was a kit I bought for him last year and he thought it would never get done. Now I just need to quilt it and he can have it for winter. I made this bag for a customer at work, she had done the stitchery but didn't know what to do with it,so as she can't sew very well she asked me to make it for her. I made up the bag design and it turned out rather well I think. I hope she likes it.

I'm thoroughly enjoying doing my paper piecing project, I've made 8 flowers now so I decided to start appliqueing them to the backgrounds. I hope you found some sewing time this weekend.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A new project

I love doing stitchery but every now and again I feel like a change, so over easter and in between finishing a few projects, I started a new one. This is block one of 16 and its English paper piecing. I have actuallly tacked around 70 diamond shapes, now I can start making a few flowers.I wanted to share with you a gift I received from chookyblue in our Friends in Stitching swap, this is a Leanne Beasley project that has been stitched and put on canvas, its so pretty. I'm lucky to receive such beautiful things.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy easter to everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a break with your families. I am making the most of my 4 days off and catching up on a few projects that I wanted to get finished. I'm doing the happy dance as already I have finished 3 quilts. Thats quite an achievement for me. This is my Miss Millies quilt by Bronwyn hayes, I decided to hand quilt this one and boy did it take ages, I am very happy with it though and its well worth all that hard work,

All I need to do now is make a label.

Last week I had 2 rows to sew on my postcard quilt, well thats done now so its finished and ready to be quilted. I really don't know how I'll quilt this. I'm thinking doing a stipple or something simple around all the postcards. This is my most favourite quilt. I love it.

This morning I sewed the borders on this beauty, The applique is by Natalie Bird and the rest of the design is by me. I decided to make mine different than what Natalie did. I'm so pleased with the end result. What do you think? Did I do a good job?
Well thats all my show and tell for today, I will share more tomorrow. Hope easter bunny visits your house tonight.

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