Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A few new goodies

I'm so lucky to work in a quilt shop and see all the beautiful things that come into the shop before anyone else. Sometimes I snap them up so quickly, the customer doesn't even get to see them. This Tilda book is the perfect example, it came in last week and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. The front cover is beautiful.

I want to make these purses........ so pretty

And these beautiful Tilda dolls. I'm not a great doll maker but I'll give it a go.

I also purchased this lovely christmas stitchery from Rosealie Quinlan designs, I look foreward to stitching this.

On the weekend Lillian went to Melbourne to the Australian quilt market, she gave me this fantastic bag that she got there. I think it will fit quite a few fat quarters.

She also gave me a beautiful roll of Rosalie's fabric and a piece of fabric from Natalie Lymers new range. Thankyou Lillian my gifts are lovely.

So I'm a bit lucky to get wonderful gifts and work in a lovely patchwork store.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A finish for Christmas

I'm so pleased with myself, I made this quilt in under 2 weeks, It turned out so pretty. I decided to use it as my Christmas quilt even though its not made with Christmas fabrics. I found the pattern on Moda fabrics web site. I used my Bliss fabric and the odd bit of Ruby.

All I need to do is sew on the binding,

I'll have it ready to hang on the wall by mid week I reckon. Do you like it?

I had to share my new Jane McGrath rose that has flowered for the first time, its just stunning

And my lovely geranium I grew from a cutting. Summer is always a pretty time in my garden.

I hope you found some sewing time today, I'm off to start sewing my binding.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Present for Stephany and one for me.

Before I share some photos of my newest finishes I wanted to show you my beautiful rose, the scent isn't very strong but the colour is so soft and pretty.

Recently it was my friend Stephany's birthday, she lives in Beligium and I wanted to make her a gift so I made leanne Beasley's couch companion.

I really enjoyed making this, I love to do stitchery so I loved making the front the most. Steph loves reproduction fabrics so the inside is all reproduction fabric, the pin cushion is a cheater fabrics and I think it works really well.

I'm so glad you liked it Steph and you had a wonderful birthday.

With Christmas fast approaching I have made myself a little wall hanging, I loved making this. I used bright aqua fabrics for a change instead of the traditional red and green,

November is a great month for me finishing things so stay tuned as I have a big finish almost ready to share.

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you find some sewing time.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gifts for a very special friend

Its amazing how many wonderful friends I have made through my blog. One lady in particular lives in Canada, even though she doesn't have her own blog she took the time to e-mail me one day and tell me how much she enjoyed reading my blog and looking at the projects I make. Well since then, we have become really good friends. It was Joni's birthday just recently and I wanted to make her something really special so I came up with this cushion, the stitchery is a Leanne Beasley design and I decided to make it into the cushion, it was so much fun to do as you all know how much I LoVE doing stitchery.

We decided to make each other an ornament for christmas and this is the one I made. Its a Marg Lowe pattern. I love making these.

I'm so pleased Joni liked the gifts I made her. I think I left her feeling slightly gob smacked didn't I Joni.


Today I plan on doing a bit more christmas stitching, its raining so I have the perfect excuse. Thats what I'm telling myself anyway.

I hope you all have a great weekend and gets lots of sewing done.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

3 sweet girls

We are so lucky to have such great neighbours, they have 3 girls and one boy ( hi Lui ). A few weeks ago Kitty came over to show me her new doll and she asked me if I knew how to make doll clothes. As I didn't have a clue how to make tiny pants for a doll I offered to make her doll a quilt. Well I couldn't just make one so I made all the girls a gift. Here is Kitty with her new quilt.

This sweet girl is Anna with her new quilt.

Maggie is a little bit older and she loves to read so I made her a book bag. It turned out so well I have made several more since last weekend.

I took this photo at Hagely on our retreat last weekend, I thought the quilts looked so good on the rusty fence.

I have achieved a few finishes over the weekend but they are christmas gifts so I can't share just yet.

I hope you found some sewing time today.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt Aid

This year Esmes patchwork was lucky enough to be apart of Quilt aid, There are 12 blocks by 12 different designers, all of them are so pretty. The fabric is Ruby by Moda, and its gorgeous. This block was designed by Helen Stubbings of Hugs n kisses

I stitched this block,

and this one. They were nice to do.

This block by Natalie Bird is my favourite, look at those tiny hexagons.

I thought this owl was adorable

Here is it in all its glory, Lillian designed a lovely finishing kit which is almost ready to sell.

We have more blocks for sale so jump on the web site and you will find them there under Quilt aid.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More on Hagley

On Saturday while we were at camp, we decided to go to the Deloraine craft fair, I had never been before so it was good to go and see what its all about. We came across the Hoffman quilting exhibition which was very interesting, I saw some very unusual quilts.

I thought this one was stunning. So much work involved in making it.

Check out the ladies hat.

While we were at Hagley I decided to go for a walk around the farm with my quilts and take a few photos. I ended up at the playground and hung my quilts on the equipment,

I loved this shot of my quilt hanging from the tree.

This was my favourite photo, all 3 quilts together. It made me wish I had all my quilts there as the back drops were just so perfect and the weather was beautiful.
Next year I'll just have to go it all again with other quilts. Ah the joy of quilting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hagley quilt camp part 1

I have had the best weekend with my quilting friends at our annual quilt camp to Hagley school farm. I haven't laughed and talked so much in ages. I did get plenty of sewing done which I was pleased about.The scenery is beautiful and the weather was perfect.

This was home for the weekend, it was a great place. 39 beds in total so we all had plenty of room as there was only 10 of us.

Cathy and Pauline were busy sewing most of yesterday, Pauline was finishing off an old project and Cathy was starting a new one. They had me in fits of laughter all day. Pauline you are such a card.

Sue (no blog) works for Pauline, she was busy working on a Piecemakers quilt which is going to be beautiful.

Alex was busy doing her stitching,

Look at these adorable faces, I went for a walk around the farm yesterday with my quilts to take a few pictures, these two came over to the gate to say hello.

Here is the donkey checking out my quilt. I wonder what he thinks??

The high light of the day was going for a ride on my friends new Motorbike. Isn't it a beauty. I didn't drive it though, I sat on the back. It was good fun.

I have lots more pics to share so I'll be back tomorrow, today I have to catch up on heaps of washing and finish some sewing. Its a public holiday here today which is nice.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breast Cancer morning tea

Today at work, we had a special breast cancer morning tea. It was a lovely morning. The above stitchery was made by Lillian, its so pretty. The pattern is by Janet Rowe. We have kits at the shop.

Lillian had some special balloons we blew up with helium, that was a fun experience. Everytime we used the helium bottle we both jumped. It was really loud and so quick. You had to be there really.

These ladies are listening to Lillians welcome speech.

These ladies are busy making some projects we had on offer for the morning.

This quilt was made by Lillian, she is running a competition to guess how long it took her to make. If you guess right.... You win the quilt.If you're local pop in and have a guess, its running for a couple more weeks. Good Luck.

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