Saturday, October 14, 2017

Iowa...... I love you

 Hello friends
We are back from our USA trip and I must say I had the best time of my life. After a few days in LA we went to Iowa to meet my dear friend and her beautiful family. It was amazing. Such a beautiful state full of gorgeous barns, houses and people.
 The first day In Iowa we went for drive for the day to look at all the barns with the quilt blocks on them. It was such a thrill to see such these. You would not believe how incredible some of these barns are. And so big. Our driver for the day was my friends daughter and what an angel she was. The biggest smile you have ever seen on such a sweet girl. Thankyou Arianne, you are such a delight.

 Fields of soy beans were everywhere and looked so pretty.

 I received some beautiful gifts but this one really touched my heart because it was made by a very beautiful 11 year old girl who is my friends grand daughter. We instantly became friends and Emmy was my constant companion for the rest of our trip. Each time i see this pillow now it will remind me of this adorable girl and our fun times we had. Her sweet nanny gave me some beautiful gifts to but I'll share them next time.
 I did buy a few souvenirs for myself including this lovely magazine. It has beautiful pictures on it. Perfect for the coffee table.
 On our very first USA trip back in 2013 I started collecting the Star Bucks cups, so I was thrilled to get some new ones for my collection this time.
They even have pride of place in the kitchen on a shelving made especially for them.

So thats just a taste of our USA holiday for 2017.

Janita I honestly can't thankyou enough for welcoming my family into your home and treating us like part of your family. Your cooking was amazing, your home  beautiful and your family are so wonderful. I can't wait to visit you again dear sister.

Thankyou for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend.

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