Sunday, July 26, 2015


 This week has been cold and miserable so I have spent alot of time in my sewing room sewing swap gifts  and working on my magazine projects.
 I was changing a few quilts around and decided to take this one outside for a little photo shoot, I made this in 2010, it was a pattern from an American Quilting magazine and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make it.
 Its made from my Kansas troubles fabrics. This is one of my most favourite quilts that I have made.
  My class sample is all finished and ready to hand over to Sarah for her to show her customers and hopefully they will like it and want to do my class.  I had this fabric in the cupboard for so long and when I decided to use it for this project I wondered why I hadn't cut into it before. I really like it.

  I promised to show you  thr quilt labels on the back of hubby's quilt,  There are a few. I thought it would be nice of the boys did one each.
 Sorry they are a little hard to read. This one says I can't wait to go back to America, I love the fact our teenage boys still want to go on holidays with us.
 This is my label, its all stitched but i haven't sewn it on yet. I'm so slack.
 My lovely new friend Vanessa from USA sent me this beautiful pouch she made. Its so pretty. Thankyou Nessa, I love it and shall treasure it always.
 I wanted to show you my new car. Its a Nissan Micra and drives beautifully. Cheap on petrol which is great, gives me more spending money for fabrics. I don't love it as much as my old car but I'm sure I will. It has a great heater which is awesome as its been so cold, today is freezing with a top temp of 10, The wind is like ice, but there hope Spring is not far away as I found some daffodils in my garden. Yay!!!!
Have a wonderful week, stay warm and I hope you find some sewing time.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lots of things...

 I simply cannot wait for Spring, it has been such a cold week here in Tassie, One thing I do like about those cold winter nights is making the house so warm and cosy, I love having a few candles burning just to give off that pretty glow.  This candle looks even prettier on my candle mat I made last year.
 Lovely blues like these mean winter to me. What colours do you like to have around your house in Winter.
  I have had some pretty colours in my sewing room this week, I have been sewing like crazy making dresden blocks for my next class Project.  I am  teaching some lovely ladies how to make a pretty table topper with dredsen blocks using 2 charm packs.
  For any local ladies who would like to join my class please visit Patchwork plus site for all the details. Sarah's site is a delight to visit. ( I made a rhyme., did you get it. lol)
  Other exciting news this week is my beautiful Tilda shopping tote has been published in this months Patchwork & Stitching magazine. And I'm a cover girl. Whoo hoo.
  The very clever photographers at the magazine make my projects look amazing. I always get a thrill to see how good they look on those glossy pages.
  Here is my bag, its a great size for carting your shopping around or a quick trip to the shops.
  Made with hexagons and some lovely text print linen.
 This afternoon I am working on a new design, deadlines are getting closer so I had better get sewing. .
Wishing you all a wonderful week, hope you find some sewing time.

Thankyou for stopping by. xx

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A birthday Quilt

 For awhile now now I have been secretly working on a quilt for my husband's birthday and yesterday we gave it to him.  I have shared some photos of this quilt before and I have to say I love the way it turned out.
 Sometimes I would have part of it layed on the floor in my sewing room and Paul would walk in to talk to me so I had to act all casual and try not draw any attention to the sewing. It was so hard but I did it. Luckily Paul went away for a few days so that gave me a chance to get the binding sewn on and make some labels. ( Just realised I forgot to take a photo of the labels) I got the boys to  write him a message. I'll share them next time.
 Here  it is in all its Glory. I have called this quilt "I LOVE AMERICA" It has a few fabrics I bought when we were there in 2013 and I like my quilts to have a bit of a story,  it kind of makes them more special don't you think.
 I have had many people ask me about the pattern for this quilt so I decided to write one up  for those who would like to make this quilt for themselves,
Its $10 plus postage or I can email it to you in a PDF version as of tomorrow. Please email me if you are interested in this pattern or leave a comment and I can contact you.
 A proud moment for me during the week, my son officially joined the Army Reserve, here  he is in Hobart receiving his enlistment certificate.
I really hope he enjoys this experience and who knows it may lead to something more permanent in the future.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you find some sewing time. I'm heading to my sewing room right now.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Sewing

 As you can see I am a little bit addicted to making fabric baskets, the reason I like them so much is they are great for using up your fabric and they really don't take that long. I made these 2 for my lovely mother in law. She loves these colours and when I received these fabrics in a lovely swap I did with Sunny I knew straight away that they would be be perfect.

 I spend alot of time on Instagram lately and I joined a needle book swap, this is what I made for my partner. Its a gail Pan stitchery and I just added my own touch and made it suit the needs of my partner.
 I also made her a mini basket and filled it up with goodies.
And then there is this bright cheerful basket I made for my work collegue to give to her daughter who is almost 18.

I think I'll give the baskets a rest for a little while and move onto something else.
I am stitching like crazy to finish up a magazine project and its looking great so far, I'm sorry I can't share anything yet.

Today we are going for a drive to look at a new car, just over 3 weeks ago I had a bad car crash and luckily I wasn't hurt  too bad but my car was written off. I was driving to work on this day and another driver drove straight through a red light and crashed into me. Right in the middle of town. Within minutes the police were there along with the fire brigade and ambulance, I went off to hospital  for a check up and only had some bad body bruising and shot nerves.

It was kind of embarrassing as a crowd gathered and people were taking photos. It was horrible, why would you take photos of a car crash when you don't even know the person.

Anyway its all over now and my insurance company have been awesome so now its time to go shopping for a new set of wheels.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you get some sewing time.

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