Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colour swap gifts

 Yesterday when I got home from work there was big package waiting for me, It was from Anita , sending all my colour swap goodies. I have some beautiful surprises. Included was this gorgeous spool holder bag, the top is so pretty with a dresden plate, and the colours are beautiful. I chose red and pink and Anita did a wonderful job of putting it altogether.
 This is the inside of the little bag. Ready for my cottons.
 I also got this beautiful owl, he is adorable, he came with a sweet pair of scissors. He will look grand in my new sewing room when its finished.
 More pretty things, a lovely box of roses.
  A gorgeous tea towel.
A lovely notebook and a pretty box which contained a cute red and white cup.
Here is my bundle of goodies, including a lovely red scarf, a hat pincushion, and a cup cover.

Thankyou so much Anita, I love everything you so kindly sent me,
Thankyou to Lisa for organising a great swap.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A cute baby quilt

 A very good friend of mine had a baby girl, so I made her a quilt. It was the first baby quilt I had made and it was great how it came together so quickly.Just  a  simple square in a square using my scraps of fig tree fabrics.
 Instead of making a label I used some sew in ones that I made on the computer.
 Quilts always look so good rolled up, I sat this one in my lavender bush.
 I also made some burp cloths with the same fabrics I used in the quilt. The hexagon one has 1930's prints. I really enjoyed making these just for something a bit different.
I'm going great guns with my new winter Americana quilt, I really enjoy sewing the triangles into rows and watching them turn into stars.
Today I have some sewing for work to finish then I think I'll find some stitching to do and watch a movie.
Have a great day and I hope you find some sewing time.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Big News

Remember last week when I was talking about my exciting news. Well I'm here today to share it with you. As most of you know I do all of my sewing at the kitchen table. Well thats about to change as we are renovating our house and I am getting my very own SEWING ROOM. I still quite can't believe it. The picture above and below is where the new room is going to be.

Everytime I sew which is mostly on the weekends I have to get everything out, then just before tea time I have to pack it all away and then start over the next day. It does get a bit annoying but I have no choice.

I am hoping you will follow me on our little journey while my room gets built. I want to share progress photos and ask a few questions along the way.

This is where the room will go. We have removed the garden and the grass.

Next we had to dig a big trench for the concrete to go in. Notice I said we. Well thats not really right. My husband and number one son did all the digging. I just kept them fed and watered while they were working.

Our builder is fantastic, he is open to my ideas and he has given us lots to think about. The reason we are doing all the hard digging ourselves is to save money. Anything we can do without the builder we will. That leaves us more money at the end to buy me new furniture. This week the concrete is being poured so I'll be back to share a few photos as we progress.

You can't imagine how excited I am, or maybe you can. I have so many decorating ideas. I want to make things to put in my room.... oh the ideas are endless.

I have made myself a little tumbler table runner, I wanted something bright and cheery for the kitchen table .

Such an easy pattern and so much fun to make.

I hope I don't bore you in the coming months talking about my new sewing room, I'll try not to talk about it every post.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you find some sewing time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

My 3 boys surprised me today with some lovely mothers day gifts, Number 3 son made me this beautiful card and gave me the trinket box. The card is so sweet, on the cup it says I'm as sweet as Strawberry icecream. When I asked him about it, he said he couldn't think of anything else to write. I thought that was funny.

Number 2 son gave me some bulbs, he knows how much I love gardening so that was very thoughtful of him.

And number 1 son who doesn't really like spending his own money bought me a lotto ticket and I think I have won $32 so that was a great surprise for both of us.

I am lucky to have such good boys. Thankyou for my gifts.

I made my mum and my mother in law some mug rugs for mothers day, they are really fun to make.

My mother in law gave me these cut out cups and tea pots a long time ago and I finally found a good use for them. A little bit of stitching on them makes them look more handmade.

Happy mothers day to my mum and MIL and a to all mums out there.

In a few days I will be sharing some very BIG news with you all, I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Have a great day and I hope you find some sewing time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet my new friend

Remember back in January when I made these 2 Tilda dolls... well I enjoyed making them so much I thought I would have a go at another kind of Tilda doll. So let me introduce you to.....

Miss Pixie.

Isn't she so sweet and pretty. I do have a question for all you doll makers out there. I'm having troubles with creases in my dolls neck. What am I doing wrong? I stuff the body really tight with toy stuffing until I can harldy get anymore in there but still the neck creases. Any advice would be great as this really annoys me.

Very soon we will have some Tilda products at work so I am very excited about that. I have already asked Lillian if I can do the samples.

Today I need to put the finishing touches on some mothers day gifts and get them in the post.

Have a wonderful day. I hope you find some sewing time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Craft fair purchases

On Saturday I headed off to the Craft and Quilt fair with my 3 friends Kim, Kate and Meredith, We had such a good time together. Before the fair I found out that a local shop from here was having a stall there and they had Tilda products, so can you guess the first stall we visited first?? Yes, I was very excited. Fresh Fabrics had a great variety of tins and fabrics, I love these 2 tins so I grabbed those pretty quick.

Then I found a piece of fabric the same as the tin so I was very excited then,

Even the lids are pretty.

The tilda fabric is beautiful, I bought these lovely pieces. I have a big plan for these babies. They won't stay in my stash for very long.

I also bought some fat quarters of basic dots, they go well with so many other fabrics, The 30's print on the end was so cute, I just had to buy that.

I really loved the blue with the brown spot, I thought that would make great tilda doll legs.

I also got 2 notepads by Anni Downs and a cute stitchery kit by Nat Bird.

I had 2 quilts in the exhibition, this one is called All wrapped up. A free pattern by Kate Spain.

And my Remember when quilt, by Libby Richardson, this is now going to hang in my quilting room at work. Its so pretty.

So with all those purchases I should be kept pretty busy for a little while at least.

I hope you have a great week and you find some sewing time.

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