Sunday, July 24, 2016

To do list....

 I never seem to run out of things I want to sew, my "To Do" list is always growing, Are you the same?
 See this lovely piece of fabric, well I had no intention of doing anything with it right away but I was looking in my cupboard and there is  was staring back at me. way too cute to cut up so I decided to make a little mat to sit on my desk in my room. Its so very sweet and as I'm only the only female in my house it was just something pretty I made just for me.We all deserve to have pretty things in our sewing rooms don't you agree.
 If you go on Instagram I am sure you have seen many photos of this American flag quilt, well this went right to the top of my To Do list and I have made 12 blocks so far, just  three more to go. I am loving it, This quilt will be for our son Jacob, who is saving up to be a Summer Camp leader in the US in 2018.
Once I finished my log cabin quilt, I decided to get this top together, I had all the blocks made so it was just a matter of taking some time to work on getting it finished. Now to make a scrappy border. Then that will be another quilt ticked off my list.

Its such a good feeling to get your projects finished.

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you find some sewing time.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Log cabins

 I have had a wonderful weekend finishing off my Kansas troubles log cabin quilt. I love it alot,
 I made a total of 25 blocks and each one was so much fun to put together, choosing different fabrics to cut into was the most fun. I have quite a healthy stash of Kansas Troubles fabrics and digging right to the bottom of my box I found some I had forgot I even had.
These fabrics were the very first collections I started to buy when I fell in love with quilting, I think I have made at least 10 Kansas Troubles quilt.
The star block was nice to make for a change instead of a plain red centre, they finish at 4 inches so quite fiddly to make but worth it in the end.
Yesterday I handed it over to my quilter to work her magic, I chose a lovely feather quilting design so I can't wait to get it back and get that binding on. There is still a few months of cold weather left so I'm sure it will get used straight away.

How did you spend your weekend? I hope you found some sewing time.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Birthday Gifts

 The last few weeks have seen me busy in my sewing room working on birthday gifts. I have had so much fun deciding what to make for which friend. They all have similar taste but I like to make something unique to them.
 I think I did good, I did sort of make them similar gifts but each one is very different, does that make sense? The theme was sewing carry all.
 One friend has a Pouch with a view, these are tricky to make but once you have made one and you decide to make more they are pretty easy,

 Another friend is a gorl after my own heart and loves fig tree just as much as I do so I made her a sweet zipper pouch . Love that cute pear on the front. This friend collects pears so this is perfect for her.

 For my other friend I have made her a pouch with a flap, it can be used to carry a lap top or paper work or even sewing goodies, I'm sure she will put it to good use.
 This young man turned 18 last week, Jacob is our middle son. The years sure do zoom by.
 We had a lovely family dinner which was so much fun.
 I had to get a few family pics.
These boys bring so much joy to my life.

Time to start some sewing and get working on a new project.

Have a wonderful day.  xx

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