Sunday, October 23, 2016

I'm almost famous

 Its been an exciting week for me, I had 2 of my newest designs published in 2 different magazines.
 First up are these 2 lovely pouches, they are featured in this months  Handmade magazine. I used Cotton & Steel fabrics that were provided to me by the magazine, they sent me a few pieces of fabric and said make us something. See the pretty floral stripe that looks like ribbon, well that was on the selvedge, it was way too pretty to leave behind so I included that in my design.

 Here they are- beautifully photographed on those awesome glossy pages.

 Something else I had published was my garden work cushion, those that know me well know that my true love is stitchery. I do love to include garden designs in my projects, they are versatile for anyone to use.
 This project graces the cover of Country Threads magazine. Its quite an honour to see your work featured on the cover.
 Today I am working on a new design to be featured next year.
I'll leave you now with a few photos from around my garden, still lots of blooms, pretty colour and inspiration every where.

Have a great day and thankyou for stopping by. xx

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Sewing

 The weekends always seems to wizz by don't you agree, we wait all week for Friday night to come then next thing its Monday morning and time for a new week to begin. I always try to sew as much as time allows on the weekend, as you know I have been making little pumpkin pin cushions, this one I made for  a friend. They are alot of fun.
 I loved making the self covered buttons so much I thought I'd like to make some needle holders, Just need to find some round magnets.
 I got a lovely surprise on Friday, A little while ago I won a giveaway on Instagram, these beautiful tins by Lori Holt are now gracing my sewing room. They are so sweet.

Speaking of Lori Holt I have been making some projects of hers lately and this mini quilt is one of them,  It only took me an afternoon. Next one is an iron mini quilt with the words press. I hope to finish that today.

Enjoy your Sunday, hope you found some sewing time.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

My two loves

 Its been a funny couple of weeks, firstly I got sick with an infection. I was a bit naughty and didn't do anything about it, thinking it would just go away but of course it didn't and I ended up in hospital so now I have learnt to listen to my body. I'm on the mend now and getting back to normal. I have been having some much needed fun in my sewing room. I made these cute little pumpkin pin cushions, its a pattern by fig tree and believe me you can't just make one, they are so darn cute. I have made 4 already.
 For the first time I used walnut shells and added it to the bottom of the pumpkin before I filled it with stuffing, well what a difference it made. The shape holds perfectly and adds a bit of weight. I would highly recommend walnut shells.
 As well as enjoying my sewing I have been loving my garden. Spring is full of colour and all my bulbs  are in full bloom, look at  my tulips, they are so pretty.

 Almost as pretty as this fig tree pumpkin. Told you I was addicted to making these.
 The daisies are so happy and cheerful.
Yesterday while my boys watched the football I made this cute little pumpkin mini quilt, I have plans for this  sweet thing. I'll share more next time.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, thanks so much for stopping by.  xx

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