Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sewing

 Happy Easter to you all, Its been such a long time since I was here last. My poor blog has been very neglected but if I'm honest I must say that I kind of lost interest there for awhile but I'm back and I hope to be posting regularly again.  I have missed everyone.

I love having a long weekend, yesterday I started a new project. In fact in the last few months I  Have started several new projects and even finished a few. I will share those very soon. This gorgeous block is called Tree of Life. Its a new pattern by Sherri of A quilting life. I love her designs and i knew as soon as I saw her design I wanted to make one.
 One block down and another one almost together, that will be tomorrows job.
 I'm using my fig tree fabrics for this one. so pretty. Its about time I stopped collecting and starting using.
 I'm also on my last block for my Smitten quilt, I have loved working on this quilt on and off for the last 2 years. Its about time to get it finished.
I'm going to USA in July and my plan is to take my finished quilt with me to photograph while I'm there. I'm calling it my America quilt as it has come with me the last 2 trips and I sewed it while we were there. The fabrics are very special to me.
 Especially this flag fabric. I have searched high and low for more of this but I think its all gone,

I can't wait to share these blocks all sewn together.

Enjoy your Easter weekend, I hope you found some sewing time.

Take care xx

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