Sunday, June 24, 2012

Progress in all forms

 My sewing room is coming along quickly. The builder has been here most days when the weather is fine.
 I came home from work early in the week and the frame was up. I was really excited to see the room coming together. This space is for my BIG window,
 Later in the week I came home and the roof was up. Now I'm really excited. I can see how its kind of going to look.
 This area with the cross wood is going  to be a sliding glass door, I can look right out at the garden. When the room is done my husband is going to add on a verandah so on the hot days I can sit outside and stitch. That's if I can tear myself away from the room itself.

 I'm still doing my sewing at the kitchen table but as each day passes its one step closer to never having to set up and pack away at the end of a sewing session. I have finished my 9 blocks of my Kansas Troubles blocks, these were made from my KT stash. When I first starting quilting 6 years ago the first range of fabric I ever bought was kansas Troubles. Even now I  still love them all and I  Have quite a collection.. Can you remember which fabrics you loved the most when you first starting quilting?
 I have also been busy making a new quilt for work. Its a Nat Bird design called LOVE.
 There are  9 little stitcheries and all of them are beautiful.
 I'm actually sewing on the binding tonight so I'll share a finished pic in my next post. This will be available as a block of the month from Esme's patchwork if you are interested.  You won't be disappointed, its so pretty.
 I have also been doing a bit of christmas sewing. I love this quilt. Its a Thimble blossoms pattern called Vintage Holiday. the blocks are quick to put together. Soon I'll have this finished to.

So there you go, lots of progress at my house in all sorts of ways. I hope I'm not boring you with posts about my sewing room. I can't wait to get in there but I'm also enjoying watching each step as its built.

Have a wonderful week.

Sunshine frolics

 Its been ages since I picked up this quilt but its almost finished. I have enjoyed working on it so much.
 Its altogether and ready for the final border. Just a tiny bit of stitching to do.
Its such a cold morning here, I went for a walk at 7am and it was still dark, now the sun is shining but its still freezing . Its a good morning to stay inside and sew, thats my excuse anyway.
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet my new girl friends

 I have had a wonderful weekend, my husband went on a fishing trip so my  boys and I had some fun of our own, we watched some movies and ate popcorn. Then while they were happily doing their own thing I sewed and make these babies.
 This gorgeous tilda angel is a sample for work, she came from a kit and it was fun to use some darker fabric for her body than what I have used before.
 I had to make her a friend so I made this one for me,  I'm still having problems with creases in their necks, this is driving me mad, I stuffed them so tight til you could get no more wadding in their bodies, I snipped the curves when I sewed the shape of their heads and neck but still I get creases. Do you think it  may be the wadding? I use a polyester wadding and its a bit springy, but I don't know if that makes any difference. The arms and legs are perfectly stuffed with not a crease to be seen.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
The weather here has been rainy and cold all weekend, husband came home today with no fish, he said he couldn't even catch a cold but he had a good time with his mates.
Perfect sewing weather for me though, I hope you found some sewing time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing room update

 My house has been a hype of activity this past week, the concrete has been poured in the ditch for the footings of my sewing room. That was a busy time, husband and number one son had to wheel barrow each load and pour it into the ditch while the builder levelled it all out.
 While they were working hard I was taking photos.
 Concrete all poured and dried, ready for next stage.
 Next was the brick wall which is the foundation.

 This part is to hold the floor up.
 Next to go on is the flooring and the frame, that will be the exciting part. Its really starting to look like a room now. I have so many ideas of how I  want to decorate when the time comes. I'm thinking about furniture and where I want to put it.
I have been sewing  my winter Americana quilt and  its almost finished, Just need to put borders on.
Its been a lovely long weekend, I hope you enjoyed yours and you  found some sewing time.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Its all about swaps

I have had lots of good mail this week,  I received my swap gifts from Deborah. I was thrilled to bits with the goodies she sent me. Look at those beautiful fat quarters, they are American Jane. I can't wait to use those.  I love the Vintage modern zipper pouch, that will be perfect for storing my sewing supplies.
The table topper Deb made is just beautiful. Thankyou so much. I love everything you sent me and when you would like to do another swap just let me know.
I did a mug rug swap with Simone, this is what I made her, I must take a photo of the pretty mug rug Simone sent me.
 I also received my Once A season swap gifts from Tracey, I have never had crocheted gifts before so these were a real treat. So soft and warm. There were a few choccies in the package but they got eaten by my boys before I had a chance to take the photo.
I love this crochet doiley, its so delicate, thankyou Tracey. My gifts are wonderful.

I have lots more other things to share but I'll save them for later. I'll be back tomorrow to share an update of my sewing room, its looking good. I can't wait to show you.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday sewing

 A little while ago my new blogger friend Deborah and I decided to do a one on one swap with each other. These are the gifts I made her. I loved making the mini quilt, I think I'll be making more of those. The mug rugs turned out so nice. I was really pleased with them.
 I also sent a few other goodies like some fabric and an Australian tea towel. Deb told me she collects tea towels so I was happy I included that.
 I enjoyed making these swap gifts to, this was for the colour swap and I made for Anita who wanted pinks. I found quite a few in my reproduction stash. I also made a pin cushion in the same fabrics as the mini quilt.
 I included some shabby chic fabrics and some ribbons in different pinks and I even found some pink envelopes. I'm glad you liked them all Anita.
 I have been busy stitching Fernhill  by Lynette Anderson, its a nice project to do.
 Its a mystery quilt so we don't know what each month will look like until it arrives. Kind of fun really.
 I would like to thank my wonderful neighbour Amanda for making me this beautiful crochet brooch. It came as a kit on the latest Mollie Makes magazine and as I can't crochet I asked Amanda to do it for me. Her work is beautiful.
Now its time to get off this computer and get some sewing done. I hope you find some sewing time today.

The big 5 0

 Well its been a very fun week for me. Last Saturday I turned 50. It was a fun day of celebrations followed by a wonderful dinner with 30 ...