Monday, June 30, 2008

Yesterday I spent the afternoon sewing together a couple of blocks for my post card quilt, this is a Leanne Beasley pattern from her book Romancing the road, I collect everyday post cards and I've made quite a few fabric post cards so it was only natural that I just have to make this beautiful quilt, there are 40 post cards in total and I've stitched 10 so far. They are really fun to do.

I also spent a couple of hours working on my christmas in July ornament swap that sarah is running. I had a really good sewing afternoon,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first doll

Here she is... this is Sally, a lovely pattern by Rosalie Quinlan, This is the first time I've made a doll and she didn't turn out too bad, she now sits on my side board with my antique singer sewing machine.

Life's pleasures....

Here are a few blocks I have done so far for my Life's pleasures and treasures quilt I'm making for the quilt shop where I work, Esme's. All the fabric parts in each block are needle turn which I haven't found too hard to do. We will be using this quilt as a sample and making up kits to sell.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The things we do..

This is my little man, Nicky.

My son who is in grade 2 and all his class mates have been very busy painting faces onto fabric, they all did such a good job, now we have 26 calico pieces and no idea what to do with them so here I am to the rescue. I have made them into one giant wall hanging for the class room, I know the teachers and children will be very happy when I take it to them next term.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another quilt finished

I work part time at Esme's quilt shop in Kings Meadows here in Launceston and this is a quilt I Made to go in the shop on display, it was fun to do and very delicate.

Its such a lovely shop to work in, surrounded by beautful things and all that scrumptious fabric, I just had to show you all.

Crazy Hair day

Last week at school my boys had crazy hair day, all morning we were in the bathroom doing their hair, thank goodness I don't have girls who spend that much time in the bathroom, I'd never be ready on time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bag swap

Here is a cute bag I received from Ann in Sydney, we were in a bag swap together and this is what she made for me. It has buttons on it are from her grandmothers sewing basket, I thought that was lovely to put them on. We can never have too many bags can we, especially to carry our quilting goodies.

Lucky me

Look what I got today from my lovely friend Ruth ( Log Cabin Quilter) I have been wanting this fabric for ages, it's called Prairie paisley. I also got a lovely bag and pin cushion made by Ruth, they are so adorable. Thankyou.

The big 5 0

 Well its been a very fun week for me. Last Saturday I turned 50. It was a fun day of celebrations followed by a wonderful dinner with 30 ...