Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to work

Last week I went back to work after a long relaxing break, it was good to be back in the shop with Lillian and all the lovely customers. While I was away Lillian changed the shop around, it looks great, so much bigger, There are lovely displays all around the shop.
Below is a new block of the month we are running, its called Remember when by Libby Richardson, I have done the first block which is very pretty. Look at the that pram isn't it just so sweet.

Rounneries fabrics by French General are so popular, we have sold alot already, The fabrics look so good together in a display. Lillian has made several projects with these yummy fabrics. Speaking of fabrics I'm off to do some sewing, have a nice weekend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

We've been to the beach

We had a wonderful break away, each day was busy at the beach watching the boys swim and ride the waves on their boogie boards. They had a ball. The weather was perfect, not too hot during the day and cool enough to sleep comfortable at night. I even found time or should I say made the time to do some sewing, I sewed the binding down on a few quilts that I had finished then did a bit of hand sewing on other projects. I was never bored thats for sure. Below is the beautiful view from where we stayed. Here is Nicky ready to catch a wave or two,

Nicky decided to bury Daniel in the sand, they had a good time.
Now we are home and back to our normal routine, only 3 weeks left of school holidays for the boys.

Here are 2 mini Laura Legacy quilts I finished while we were away, they are so sweet, they are about table runner size. I love reproduction fabrics so I really enjoyed making these. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New projects

I am having so much fun being on holidays. Today I sewed the binding on 3 minature quilts and a big one. I'm going to the beach for 5 days on Saturday so I can sew these bindings down while away. I'm sure my husband will frown when he sees me quilting on our holidays, he said why don't I have a break from sewing, I just laughed at him. (I'llonly sew at night when we are tired from a fun packed day I promise honey). Anyway today I received this beautiful table runner from my friend Jody in America. It was really funny because I have been working with almost the exact same fabrics as she used in my gift. Beautiful pinks and brown reproductions.On the weekend I started another tumbler quilt, I have quite a few reproduction fat quarters in my stash waiting for a project so I thought its about time I used them, I still have 3 rows to put on then its done. They are so quick and fun to make,

With my scraps I had left from my pink and brown quilt I made in my previous post I made these cute little pin cushions, they look so sweet sitting on my old sewing machine. What do you make with your scraps? Happy sewing everyone.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My first finish for 2010

Its been another productive week in my sewing room, well actually my sewing space is the kitchen table but we make do with what we have don't we. I'm so pleased with this quilt, I used reproduction fabrics called Charleston. This quilt was in a magazine last year and I always wanted to make it, I just need to sew my binding down, I sewed it on today. I also cut out another tumbler quilt to start tomorrow, its going to be lovely. Happy sewing to you all,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Liffey falls day out

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Tasmania, yesterday we took our 3 boys to Liffey Falls which is only about a 45 minute drive from home, We had such a good day, here is Jacob standing in part of the waterfall, it was so pretty and the water was freezing. Of course I had to get in on the act and have my picture taken with such a pretty back ground.

I thought this scene was beautiful, I don't take a bad photo after all,

Here is Daniel and Nicky having a paddle, Daniel was trying to catch a fish, they were funny to watch, Daniel didn't realize how fast fish can swim. Today I'm catching up on a few things around the house then its back to the good stuff and doing some sewing. I'm loving being on holidays.

The big 5 0

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