Sunday, April 28, 2013

Something started and something finished.

 Its been a bit of a lazy weekend, usually I sew like crazy but I just didn't feel like it this time. I haven't been doing nothing though, I started a new stitchery project that I have had for ages. Its a lovely sampler by Leanne Beasley. I do love her designs.
 Its a fun project to work on.
 I also finished sewing the binding on my new gorgeous table runner by Fig tree quilts. This is my most favourite runner. I used all my scraps for this  one and I enjoyed every stitch. Its just something about baskets that I love.

 All my favourite fig tree fabrics.
 I have finished another block of Sweet heart houses for work, whoo hoo, only one block to go then I can put it together.
The lady bird blocks are so cute.

I still have the quilt books for sale on the post below, if you are interested please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. Prices are negotiable.

Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quilting books for sale

 All books are now sold, thankyou Nay.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

A few things...

 Its been a busy week and now  another weekend has come and gone and tomorrow I'll be back into it again, The days go so fast don't you think?  I wanted to share with you some beautiful I received from Nicky for easter,  Look at this cute little bunny, he is so tiny and sweet. His body has beans in it Nicky tells me.
 Nicky also made me this lovely little draw string bag, the colours are perfect for me Nicky.
 Also some pretty ribbon, Cath Kidston tissues ( the best kind ) and gorgeous Fig tree fabrics.
 There were some chocolates in there to but they got eaten pretty quick, I love all my things, thankyou Nicky.
 Yesterday the boys and I headed off to City Mission, its a big shop full of second hand stuff, from furniture to  tea spoons. I found this cute  milk jug and sugar bowl. We really went there looking for a small cupboard for the laundry but there wasn't anything there.  Some times you just have to be there on the right day.
 My lovely friend Cathy is celebrating her birthday today, I made her this little cushion and gave her a few other goodies.
 Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the garden, there is a few summer flowers left but not many.
 This part of the garden is mine, you see hubby loves to garden  and I love to potter so I have this section  of the garden for my plants and vegies. It may look a tad boring right now but I just planted 150 bulbs in there so wait for Spring and it will be bursting with Tulips, Ranunculas, Alliums, Hyacinths and some others. I can't wait to see them start to grow.
I have been growing carrots for months and yesterday I pulled out a few just to see how they were doing, they are small but very tasty. I hope the rest grow a bit bigger. Last night at dinner my boys were laughing at their size, I'll show them. (hopefully)

Have a wonderful week and I hope you find some sewing time.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beautiful gifts for me

 Here are my beautiful gifts from Josie. I was so excited when my package arrived  then even more excited when I opened the box and found these amazing gifts. The cutest little needle case. That girl on the front is so sweet, and its made from Tilda fabric.
 And my beautiful  new tilda doll, isn't she just the cutest thing. I love her.
 Everything about her is so delicate, her shoes are precious ad her skirt is just so pretty.
 She is sure to become good friends with my other tilda dolls.

 Josie also made me this gorgeous wall hanging, its a Nat Bird design and made in Tilda fabric. Oh Josie you know me so well.

As a little extra Josie also sent me some Union Jack fabric, threads and stickers. I feel so lucky to have received these beautiful gifts.
Thankyou so much Josie. I'll treasure these always.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter or Christmas

 My friend Cathy and I  decided to make this cute little Nat Bird pin cushion  for each other for Easter. It was in last months Homespun magazine. Above is the one I made for Cathy. I borrowed this pic from Cathy's blog as I forgot to take a photo. All made in Cathy's favourite fabrics French general.
 Here is my beautiful pin cushion made by Cathy in my favourite fig tree fabrics Avalon. I just love this range.
 Its just so cute. Thankyou stitching buddy.
Over the easter break while I  was sick  I hardly moved off the couch except to do a bit of stitching. I made this beautiful little ornament designed by Marg Lowe. Its way too cute to put away until Christmas so he sits on my shelf in the sewing room.

I have lots planned for the weekend, you can be sure I'll be back to share it all with you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 The last few months I have been busy doing secret sewing, now my partners have their gifts I  can share what I made them. Our friends in stitching group had a Natalie Bird swap and I made this sweet cushion for De. This is a great project to use up little scraps or left over jelly roll strips.
 I do love Natalie's designs.
 My partner for the Let's celebrate swap Is Barb, it was her birthday at the start of April so I made her this sewing pouch and filled it up with goodies.
 This is another good project for using left over jelly roll strips. Glad you liked it Barb.
 My lovely friend Josie and I decided at the start of the year to do a little private swap and these are the gifts I made for her,  I made a stitching folder  with a sweet stitchery on it to celebrate easter.
 A little note pad holder, blogger has put these photos  the wrong way and I can't fix them so if you turn your head just a bit you will get the idea.
Also a pretty stitched pin cushion. I loved making  all the gifts, its always a relief when they say how much they love them.
Speaking of loving gifts, wait until you see what Josie made for me, it was love at first site.
I'll be back on the weekend to show you.

Have a great day.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A wedding, Family and sewing

 I have just returned from a few days in Melbourne to attend  the wedding of my cousin Vanece and her lovely new husband Michael, It was a beautiful day and all the wedding party looked stunning, especially the bride.
 As well as a wedding it was a family reunion for me, my brother and sister and my parents. We haven't seen each other for 3 years. We had such a good time together. My brother is so funny, he had us in fits of laughter the whole time.
 We don't have many photos of us together so this one is special.  We all made a pact to try and see each other more often, its hard when we all live in different states but we are only a plane ride away. My sister hasn't seen my children for 11 years.  Time certainly flies by. Since spending time together and now I'm home I have realised that I miss them alot.
 Just before I left last week I received my swap gifts from my Friends in stitching swap, We had  to make something designed by Nat Bird. I got this beautiful table runner , it has lots of paper piecing stars and stitchery.
 Beautiful colours.
 I was a bit lucky and received this lovely christmas wall hanging as well.
And a beautiful little purse filled with Tilda ribbon and fabric and some easter eggs.

Thank you so much Lorraine, my gifts are amazing.

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