Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some sewing to Share

 Hi there, I loved being on christmas holidays so much as I could sew all day long but now I'm back at work and sewing has taken a bit of back seat, I still try and sew for at least an hour before work each day which keeps me very happy. I have a magazine project I'm working on and this morning I sewed the last block, now to sew it all together, I love the Ohio star. The sweetwater fabric called Varsity is a favourite of mine to.
 I also got this table runner almost complete, just the border left to go now. These blocks are 6 inch and very fiddly but very cute in my Cookie Exchange fabric. Another favourite from Sweetwater fabics.

 I loved this recipe print and it was one those prints where if you cut it up you kind of lose the recipes so  I decided to keep this piece together and make a little basket. Isn't it the sweetest.
 I'm all inspired again to start working on my smitten quilt. I kind of got side tracked with other projects and  while English paper piecing is very relaxing its also very slow. I cut out quite a few blocks so I have enough to keep me going for a couple of weeks.
 We are planning another USA trip later this year so I want to take this quilt with me and photograph it in America. Does that sound silly. I'm trying to use all Minnick & Simpson fabrics.
 I love this red and cream combination.
 I also wanted to share 2 beautiful gifts I recieved from 2 dear friends. This gorgeous embroidery was made by sweet Christine who lives in the UK, you can see her blog here, she makes amazing projects.
Look at this cute peg bag, its just adorable.made for me by Tracee, I love it in the tilda fabrics.

Thankyou friends.

Ok I had better get back to my sewing,
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. xx


a good yarn said...

Such lovely projects! I do like an Ohio Star so eagerly await publication of your magazine project. The table runner and bag are adorable. I'm swwoning over your EPP and will work on mine again when the weather cools. There have been too many hot days over 35C and nights over 25C - without aircon life gets pretty uncomfortable and too hot to sew. Very sweet gifts from your friends - beautiful handiwork.

sunny said...

All your projects are gorgeous! Love the little bag with the recipe print. When are you coming to US, and where are you planning to visit???????

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

As always... inspiring 💖💖

Christine B said...

Beautiful projects Leanne... how lucky to have a trip to the USA to look forward to! Glad you liked the embroidery hoop! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! Christine x

Susan said...

hi Leanne all the very best for 2017. Love the projects you are working on you always have such pretty fabrics. X:)

Janice Holton said...

Hi Leanne, You have a lot going on! And always such fun cute projects too. Hope you have a fun trip to the States! When are you going?

Chookyblue...... said...

wished I could fit in an hour sewing before work.......a load of washing, watering and my exercise take up the time and I wake at 5.30 as it is so not getting up earlier.........its been so hot it's the main time I can water and the time of the year I wished my garden was smaller and I lived in a cooler wetter

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